1st Edition

Mixed Methods Perspectives on Communication and Social Media Research

    308 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    308 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Mixed Methods Perspectives on Communication and Social Media Research addresses the need for a discipline-cum-methodology-tailored book that navigates the current research spectrum of communication and social media ("CommSocMed"). It examines contemporary and relevant issues that intertwine the expansive spheres of CommSocMed.

    Authored by professionals with extensive academic and in-depth research and industry experience, the book highlights research-based themes that mirror qualitative and quantitative methodologies vis-à-vis socio-cultural, political, educational, and organisational issues and challenges. The first two sections present the mutually interwoven disciplines of CommSocMed where research works cover a comprehensive range of designs such as narrative analysis, case study, recombinant memetics, discourse analysis, visual semiotics, ethnography, content analysis, feminist theory, descriptive-survey, descriptive-correlational, model-building/testing, experimental, and mixed methods. The third section is a concluding segment which synthesises all the scholarly contributions in this volume.

    This book will serve as an authoritative reference for mixed methods research in CommSocMed and will be highly relevant reading for academics, researchers, postgraduate students and undergraduates in communication (for example, instructional communication, marketing communication, organisational communication, political communication, strategic communication), social media, and social sciences.

    PART 1: Communication Research Perspectives

    1. The organisation of Japanese Hospitality: A Narrative Analysis of "Omotenashi"

    Arnelyn M. Torres and Jean A. Saludadez

    2. Communication Strategies used by Women Immigrant Entrepreneurs to Cope with Ethnic Challenges

    Aziza Al Ghafri

    3. Communication as Terrorism, Terrorism as Communication: A Thematic Analysis of Islamic State Communication

    Davide Dall’Agata

    4. Exploration into Communication Fidelity in Telemedicine

    Rodrigo de Mesa

    5. Identifying Scientific Trends through Recombinant Memetics

    Mariam Orkodashvili

    6. Online Photosharing as a Communication Paradigm: A Discourse Approach to Instagram

    Fernando Eraña Reyes Jr.

    PART 2: Research Perspectives in Social Media

    7. The Utilisation of Social Media Platforms for Brand Image and Market Position Development among SMEs

    Don Anton R. Balida, Riah E. Encarnacion, Buthaina Al Siyyabi and Romulo A. Alegre

    8. Social Media and Issues of Political Consciousness and Political Change in Algeria

    Youcef Hamitouche

    9. The Effects of Financial Literacy and Social Media on Financial Behaviour

    Mohammad Shahfaraz Khan and Zuhaib Ahmad

    10. The Influence of Social Media in Marketing Events

    Don Anton Robles Balida, Anna Sheila Crisostomo and Yusef Al Hosni

    11. To What Extent are Credibility and Attractiveness of Social Media Influencer Important in Developing Positive Brand Image and Customer Attitude?

    Bahtiar Mohamad, Siti Norain Abdullah, Muslim Diekola Akanmu and Ridwan Adetunji Raji

    12. Kenyan Women and their Use of Social Media for their SMEs

    Anne Nyokabi Gachiri

    13. Impact of Social Media on the Buying Decision-making Process of Leisure and Recreation Products

    Don Anton Robles Balida, Raja Tumati and Fatma Houssein Al Saadi

    14. Big Social Data: Relationships Among Privacy, Security, and Trust

    Vishal Jain and Parul Jain

    15. AI-enabled Bot and Social Media: A Survey of Tools, Techniques, and Platforms for the Arms Race

    Flavio Lombardi, Maurantonio Caprolu and Roberto Di Pietro

    PART 3: Conclusion

    16. Research Direction in CommSocMed: Quo Vadis?

    Reynaldo Gacho Segumpan and Joanna Soraya Abu Zahari


    Reynaldo Gacho Segumpan CMgr FCMI, CSci, FIScT, FHEA, is Head of the Department of Business Administration, University of Technology and Applied Sciences-Ibri (CAS), Sultanate of Oman. He holds a PhD and a Doctor of Communication (DComm) and has published extensively on communication and media studies, business management, and social sciences.

    Joanna Soraya Abu Zahari researches actively and has published widely on contemporary issues in social media and communication. She teaches Business Communication and Public Relations and management courses at the Department of Business Administration, University of Technology and Applied Sciences-Ibri (CAS), Sultanate of Oman.

    "If you are interested in social media and communication, this book not only provides helpful tools and knowledge based on research but also examines contemporary and relevant issues affecting our society. Apart from the fact that the authors are professionals with extensive academic and industry experience, the scholarship of the book is a must-read for anyone in communication and social sciences." -- Musa Abdulkareem, Stony Brook University, New York, USA


    "The book provides a comprehensive perspective and a contemporary outlook on research methods in communication and social media. I like the spread of topics and the authors' style of writing as well as the scholarship of the book. This is a must-have for researchers and communication specialists." -- Jennifer Buzarang, Ebina City Board of Education, Japan


    "A very interesting book, both from academic and practical points of view. The authors are professionals in a variety of fields. Reading is recommended not only for researchers in communication but also for communication professionals who are involved on a daily basis for work." -- Salvatore Severi, Ministry of Defence, Italy