4th Edition

Mixing Audio Concepts, Practices, and Tools

By Roey Izhaki Copyright 2023
    604 Pages 307 B/W Illustrations
    by Focal Press

    604 Pages 307 B/W Illustrations
    by Focal Press

    Mixing Audio: Concepts, Practices, and Tools is a vital read for anyone wanting to succeed in the field of mixing—covering the entire mixing process, from fundamental concepts to advanced techniques.

    Packed full of photos, graphs, diagrams, and audio samples, it teaches the importance of a mixing vision, how to craft and evaluate your mix, and then take it a step further. Mixing Audio describes the theory, the tools, and how these are put into practice while creating mixes. The companion website, featuring over 2,000 audio samples as well as Multitrack Audio Sessions, is a perfect complement to the book.

    The new edition includes:

    • An extension of the discussion on mastering which now includes the loudness war, LUFS targets, and DIY mastering
    • Updated figures and illustrations throughout
    • A new section covering console emulation

    Part I: Concepts and practices  1. Music and mixing  2. Some axioms and other gems  3. Learning to mix  4. The process of mixing  5. Related issues  6. Mixing and the brain  7. Mixing domains and objectives  Part II: Tools  8. Monitoring  9. Meters  10. Mixing consoles  11. Software mixers  12. Phase  13. Faders  14. Panning  15. Equalizers  16. Introduction to dynamic range processors  17. Compressors  18. Limiters  19. Gates  20. Expanders  21. Duckers  22. Delays  23. Other modulation tools  24. Reverbs  25. Distortion  26. Drum triggering  27. Other tools  28. Automation  Part III: Sample mixers  29. "Show Me" (rock n’ roll)  30. "It’s Temps Pt. II" (hip-hop/urban/grime)  31. "Donna Pomini" (techno)  32. "The Hustle" (DnB)  33. Hero (rock)


    Roey Izhaki holds a BA in recording arts and has been mixing since 1992. As an audio engineering academic lecturer for 10 years, he has given mixing and audio seminars across Europe.

    "Roey Izhaki has put together a text complete with the history, background, tools and techniques needed to develop a solid foundation in the art of mixing audio. His easy-to-read explanations of the various techniques he employs along with the included audio examples will serve someone new to mixing or that seasoned professional looking for a refresher."

    Keith A. Umbach, Associate Professor of Music, Prince George’s Community College, USA

    "In Mixing Audio, the reader can find a good guide to learn how to do their mixings from scratch, learning everything you can need to carry out professional mixings from basic audio concepts to awesome equipment handling tricks, and even interesting practical examples!"

    José A. Ballesteros, Associate Professor, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain