1st Edition

Mobile Computing Handbook

Edited By Mohammad Ilyas, Imad Mahgoub Copyright 2005
    1068 Pages 246 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The debut of small, inexpensive, yet powerful portable computers has coincided with the exponential growth of the Internet, making it possible to access computing resources and information at nearly any location at almost any time. This new trend, mobile computing, is poised to become the main technology driver for a decade to come. There are many challenges that make mobile computing a hot research and development area. Researchers, engineers, and practitioners need a comprehensive resource and reference to aid them in their quest to make the potential of this technology a reality. 

    The Mobile Computing Handbook explores the benefits and challenges of the field, and includes the latest insight into the major topics of this emerging discipline. It provides, in 40 chapters written by industry experts, technical information about all aspects of mobile computing, from basic concepts to research-level material, with learned analysis of future directions. This handbook captures the present state of the field and serves as an invaluable source of reference material.

    Following an introduction and an overview of mobile applications, the book explores location management, location-based services, caching strategies, power management, performance and modeling, security and privacy, and many other subjects.

    Wearable Computing,A. Smailagic and D.P. Siewiorek
    Developing Mobile Applications: A Lime Primer,G.P. Picco, A.L. Murphy, and G.-C. Roman
    Pervasive Application Development: Approaches and Pitfalls,G. Banavar, N. Cohen, and D. Soroker
    ISAM, Joining Context-Awareness and Mobility to Building Pervasive Applications,I. Augustin, A. Corrêa Yamin, J.L. Victória Barbosa, L. Cavalheiro da Silva, R. Araújo Real, G. Frainer, G.G. Honrich Cavalheiro, and C.F. Resin Geyer
    Integrating Mobile Wireless Devices into the Computational Grid,T. Phan, L. Huang, N. Ruiz, and R. Bagrodia
    Multimedia Messaging Service, S.A. Ahson
    A Scheme for Nomadic Hosts Location Management Using DNS,R.S. Khurana, H. El-Rewini, and I. Mahgoub
    Location Management Techniques for Mobile Computing Environments,R. Subrata and A.Y. Zomaya
    Locating Mobile Objects,E. Pitoura, G. Samaras, and G. Kastidou
    Dependable Message Delivery to Mobile Units,A.L. Murphy, G.-C. Roman, and G. Varghese
    Location-Dependent Query Processing in Mobile Computing, A.Y. Seydim and M. H. Dunham
    Simulation Models and Tool for Mobile Location-Dependent Information Access, U. Kubach, C. Becker, I. Stepanov, and J. Tian
    Context-Aware Mobile Computing, Dr. R. Jana and Dr. Y.-F. Chen
    Mobile Agent Middlewares for Context-Aware Applications, P. Bellavista, D. Bottazzi, A. Corradi, R. Montanari, and S. Vecchi
    Cache Management in Wireless and Mobile Computing
    Environments. Y. Du and S.K.S. Gupta
    Cache Invalidation Schemes in Mobile Environments, E. Chan, J.C.H. Yuen, and K.-Y. Lam
    Hoarding in Mobile Computing Environments, Y. Saygin
    Power-Aware Cache Management in Mobile Environments, G. Cao
    Energy Efficient Selective Cache Invalidation, K.-L. Tan
    Self-Policing Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, S. Buchegger and J.-Y.s Le Boudec
    Securing Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, P. Papadimitratos and Z.J. Haas
    Ad Hoc Network Security, H. Yang, H. Luo, J. Kong, F. Ye, P. Zerfos, S. Lu, and L. Zhang
    Modeling Distributed Applications for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Attributed Task Graphs, P. Basu, W. Ke, and T.D.C. Little
    Medium Access Control Mechanisms in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks,C. Yu, B. Lee, S. Kalubandi, and M. Kim
    Quality of Service Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Past and Future, J.N. Al-Karaki and A.E. Kamal
    Issues in Scalable Clustered Network Architecture for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, B. Lee, C. Yu, and S. Moh
    Routing and Mobility Management in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, R. Sankar
    Localized Broadcasting in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Neighbor Designation, W. Lou and J. Wu
    Energy-Efficient Wireless Networks, I. Cardei and D.-Z. Du
    Power Management for Mobile Computers, T.L. Martin, D.P. Siewiorek, A. Smailagic, and J. Warren
    Power Awareness and Management Techniques, A. Abukmail and A. (Sumi) Helal
    Adaptive Algorithmic Power Optimization for Multimedia Workload in Mobile Environments, L. Benini and A. Acquaviva
    Energy-Aware Web Caching over Hybrid Networks, F. Sailhan and V. Issarny
    Transmitter Power Control in Wireless Computing, S. Gitzenis and N. Bambos
    A Survey on Mobile Transaction Models, A. Helal, S. Balakrishnan, M. Dunham, and Y. Liu
    Analytic Mobility Models of PCS Networks, C.-H. Wu
    Battery Power Management in Portable Devices, V. Sharma and A. Chockalingam
    Challenges in Wireless Security: A Case Study of 802.11, N. Borisov
    Security for Mobile Agents: Issues and Challenges, P. Bellavista, A. Corradi, C. Federici, R. Montanari, and D. Tibaldi
    Security, Trust, and Privacy in Mobile Computing Environments, L. Kagal, J. Parker, H. Chen, A. Joshi, and T. Finin


    Mohammad Ilyas, Imad Mahgoub