1st Edition

Mobile Technologies From Telecommunications to Media

Edited By Gerard Goggin, Larissa Hjorth Copyright 2009
    312 Pages
    by Routledge

    312 Pages 25 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    In light of emerging forms of software, interfaces, cultures of uses, and media practices associated with mobile media, this collection investigates the various ways in which mobile media is developing in different cultural, linguistic, social, and national settings. Specifically, contributors consider the promises and politics of mobile media and its role in the dynamic social and gender relations configured in the boundaries between public and private spheres. The collection is genuinely interdisciplinary, as well as international in its range, with contributors and studies from China, Japan, Korea, Italy, Norway, France, Belgium, Britain, and Australia.

    Part I: Reprising Mobile Theory  Chapter 1: "The Question of Mobile Media" Gerard Goggin and Larissa Hjorth  Chapter 2: "Intimate Connections: The Impact of the Mobile Phone on Work Life Boundaries" Judy Wajcman, Michael Bittman and Jude Brown  Chapter 3: "Gender and the Mobile Phone" Leopoldina Fortunati  Part II: Youth, Families, and the Politics of Generations  Chapter 4: "Children’s Broadening Use of Mobile Phones" Leslie Haddon and Jane Vincent  Chapter 5: "Mobile Communication and Teen Emancipation" Rich Ling  Chapter 6: "Mobile Media and the Transformation of Family" Misa Matsuda  Chapter 7: "Purikura as a Social Management Tool" Daisuke Okabe, Mizuko Ito, Aico Shimizu and Jan Chipchase  Part III: Mobiles in the Field of Media  Chapter 8: "Mobile Media on Low-Cost Handsets: The Resiliency of Text Messaging among Small Enterprises in India (and Beyond)" Jonathan Donner  Chapter 9: "Innovations at the Edge: The Impact of Mobile Technologies on the Character of the Internet" Harmeet Sawnhey  Chapter 10: "Media Contents in Mobiles: Comparing Video, Audio and Text" Virpi Oksman  Chapter 11: "New Economics for the New Media" Stuart Cunningham and Jason Potts  Chapter 12: "Domesticating New Media: A Discussion on Locating Mobile Media" Larissa Hjorth  Part IV: Renewing Media Forms  Chapter 13: "Back to the Future: The Past and Present of Mobile TV" Gabriele Balbi and Benedetta Prario  Chapter 14: "Net_Dérive: Conceiving and Producing a Locative Media Artwork" Atau Tanaka and Petra Gemeinboeck  Chapter 15: "Mobile News in Chinese Newspaper Groups: A Case Study of Yunnan Daily Press Group" Liu Cheng and Axel Bruns  Chapter 16: "Re-inventing Newspapers in a Digital Era: The Mobile E-Paper" Wendy Van den Broeck, Bram Lievens and Jo Pierson  Part V: Mobile Imaginings  Chapter 17: "Face to Face: Avatars and Mobile Identities" Kathy Cleland  Chapter 18: "Re-imagining Urban Space: Mobility, Connectivity, and a Sense of Place" Dong-Hoo Lee  Chapter 19: "These Foolish Things: On Intimacy and Insignificance in Mobile Media" Kate Crawford  Chapter 20: "Mobility, Memory and Identity" Nicola Green


    Gerard Goggin is Professor of Digital Communication and deputy director of the Journalism and Media Research Centre, University of New South Wales. His books include Mobile Phone Cultures (2008), Cell Phone Culture (2006), Virtual Nation: The Internet in Australia (2004), Digital Disability (2003).

    Larissa Hjorth is a lecturer and artist in the Games and Digital Art programs at RMIT University, Melbourne. Hjorth has published widely on mobile media in the Asia-Pacific region in journals such as Journal of Intercultural Studies, Continuum, ACCESS, Convergence, Fibreculture and Southern Review.