Mobile Telemedicine : A Computing and Networking Perspective book cover
1st Edition

Mobile Telemedicine
A Computing and Networking Perspective

Edited By

Yang Xiao


Hui Chen

ISBN 9781420060461
Published June 3, 2008 by Auerbach Publications
440 Pages 105 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The concept of medical treatment from a distance (in absentia care) is actually quite ancient, dating back to tribal days where smoke signals were used to warn of serious disease in a community. Nowadays, telemedicine is used to facilitate treatment in rural areas, where the nearest doctor is miles away, through various forms of information technology, including videoconferencing and digital imaging. It can also be used to conveniently monitor chronically ill patients through electronic devices so that they can enjoy a better quality of life. But despite the strides that have been made in utilizing the telemedicine technology, there remain a number of limitations and weaknesses that must be overcome before this treatment paradigm can reach its full potential.

In Mobile Telemedicine: A Computing and Network Perspective, noted computer scientists Yang Xiao and Hui Chen examine those computing and networking dilemmas arising from wireless and mobile telemedicine. Comprised of the contributions of many prominent international researchers, the book discusses the relative merits and limitations of the existing technology and sheds light on future developments. It begins with a discussion of patient care and monitoring through items such as personal alarm systems. It then reviews the current methods available to monitor cardiac and diabetic patients, analyzes the security and privacy considerations that arise with respect to the transmission of sensitive information, and examines issues relating to networking support. Finally, it concludes with a section on the opportunities and challenges faced by those involved at this intersection of healthcare and communications.

By bridging the fields of medicine and information technology, this volume serves as a useful springboard for those pioneering IT researchers looking for a comprehensive reference. The book also provides information for those involved with either communications or healthcare who want to learn about the current state and potential use of this technology.

Table of Contents

Personal Supervision and Alarming Systems,
E. Hirt and M. Scheffler
Integrated Alarm Monitoring System in the ICU, A. Murakami, M. Akutagawa, Y. Ohnishi, Y. Kuroda, and
Y. Kinouchi
Remote Wireless Patients’ Data Access System, Z. Hunaiti, A. Rahman, G. Savelis, Z. Huneiti, and W. Balachandran
Mobile, Secure Tele-Cardiology Based on Wireless and Sensor Networks, F. Hu, L. Clentano, and Y. Xiao
Monitoring and Management of Congestive Heart Failure Patients, S. Hussain and S. M. Dar
Issues in Personal Cardiac Health Monitoring with Sensor Networks, K. J. Liszka, M.J. Sever, M.E. Richter, and S. Bhattarai
Automated Blood Glucose Management Techniques through Micro-sensors, F. Hu, M. Lewis, and Y. Xiao
Mobile Telemedicine for Diabetes Care, I. Martinez- Sarriegui, G.G. Saez, M.. E. Hernando, M. Rigla, E. Brugues, A. Deleiva, and E.J. Gomez
Telemedicine: A Way to Improve Glycemic Control
among Elderly Diabetics, S. Black
Security and Privacy in Mobile Telemedicine, J. Ryoo, Y.B. Choi, and T. Oh
Security of Body Sensor Networks, S. Bao, C.C.Y. Poon, and Y.Zhang
A Survey of Security in Telemedicine with Wireless Sensor Networks, D. Takahashi, Y. Xiao, and F. Hu
Power Management and Security in IEEE 802.15.4
Clusters: How to Balance?, F. Amini, M. Khan, and J. Mišić
Fourth Generation Heterogeneous Wireless Access Networks for eHealth Services: Architecture and Radio Resource Management, D. Niyato, E. Hossain, and J. Diamond
3G/Wlan Cross-Layer Design for Ultrasound Video Transmission in a Robotic Tele-Ultrasonography System, M.G. Martini, R.S.H. Istepanian, M. Mazzotti, and N. Philip
Enabling Mobile Adaptive Computing Environments in
Teleteaching and Telemedicine Applications, T. Cao-Huu
Building a Mobile Healthcare Network within Public Networking Infrastructures, Z. Hunaiti
Telemedicine Research: Opportunities and Challenges , P.S. Seibert, T.A. Whitmore, C.M. Patterson, C.C. Otto, P.D. Parker, N. Whitener, M.J. Ward, M. Basom, and C.G. Zimmerman
Conventional Telemedicine, Wireless Telemedicine, Sensor Networks, and Case Studies, L. Biggers, Y. Xiao, and F.Hu
Telemedicine for Pervasive Healthcare, Q. Alexander, Y. Xiao, and F. Hu

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