1st Edition

Mobile WiMAX Toward Broadband Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks

Edited By Yan Zhang, Hsiao-Hwa Chen Copyright 2008
    468 Pages
    by Auerbach Publications

    468 Pages
    by Auerbach Publications

    The Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (WirelessMAN) is a promising Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) technology that provides high-speed, high-bandwidth efficiency and high-capacity multimedia services for both residential and enterprise applications. Mobile WiMAX: Toward Broadband Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks examines the basic concepts, recent advances, and latest standard specifications pertinent to WirelessMANs, placing emphasis on IEEE 802.16-based WiMAX.
    After introducing the basics of WirelessMAN, the book addresses topics in three accessible parts. The first part focuses on radio frequency (RF), signal processing, multiple in-multiple out (MIMO) technology, and identifying challenges and possible solutions in the physical layer. An examination of protocol issues follows, including those involving medium access control (MAC), quality of service (QoS) in point-to-multi-point (PMP) and mesh networks, cross layer optimization, mobility management, handoff in heterogeneous networks, energy management, and link adaptation mechanisms. The final part considers issues regarding security, economy, and system capacity in the WiMAX.

    Mobile WiMAX: Toward Broadband Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks is an important resource for those interested in understanding all aspects relevant to the technical, practical, economic, and policy issues concerning WirelessMANs. It offers comprehensive practical and technical guidance on the fundamentals and recent advances in general WirelessMAN, as well as the latest standard specifications in IEEE 802.16a/c/d/e families.

    IEEE 802.16-Based WirelessMAN. RF System and Circuit Challenges for WiMAX. WirelessMAN Physical Layer Specifications: Signal Processing Perspective. MIMO for WirelessMAN. MIMO Spectral Efficiency of the Mobile WiMAX Downlink. Medium Access Control in WirelessMAN. QoS Services Provisioning at MAC Layer in WiMax Systems. Radio Resource Management in IEEE 802.16 WiMAX Mesh Networks. Cross-Layer Design in WirelessMAN. Mobility Management in Mobile WiMAX. Dynamic Network Selection in Wireless LAN/MAN Heterogeneous Networks. Mobility Support for Wireless PANs, LANs, and MANs.
    Energy Management in the IEEE 802.16e WirelessMAN. Link Adaptation Mechanisms in WirelessMAN. Analysis of Threats to WiMax/802.16 Security. Techno-Economic Analysis of Fixed WiMAX Networks. Capacity of OFDMA-Based WirelessMAN.


    Zhang, Yan; Chen, Hsiao-Hwa