1st Edition

Modeling Crop Production Systems Principles and Application

By P Singh Copyright 2008
    510 Pages
    by CRC Press

    510 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The use of simulation models is a necessity and also an aid in the decision-making process in sustainable agricultural systems. Organizing the experimental knowledge of crop production systems without the book keeping and deductive methods of mathematics is very difficult. This book aims to guide readers in the process by which the properties of the systems can be grasped in the framework of mathematical structure with minimal mathematical prerequisites. The objective of this book is to help the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students in the disciplines of agronomy, plant breeding, agricultural meteorology, crop physiology, agricultural economics, entomology, plant pathology, soil science and ecology (environmental science). This book may also be useful for administrators in various agricultural universities in order to direct research, extension and teaching activities. Planners at national and state levels may also benefit from this book.

    Philosophy, Role and Terminology of System Science: History of System Science
    General Topology and Terminology of Systems
    Three Problems Development of Model Structure: Variables and their Classification
    Relationship between Variables
    Structural (Black Box) Model
    Refinement in Structural Models
    Specification of Component Behavior: Algebraic Form
    Use of Matrix Algebra in Principal Component Analysis
    Use of Matrix Algebra in Linear Programming for Optimization of the System
    Use of Matrix Algebra for Distance Measurements
    Integral-Differential Form
    Parameter Estimation
    Non-statistical Procedure for Estimating the Parameters (Physical Approach)
    Computer Implementation: Model Software Requirement
    Generalized Model
    Software Specification
    Data Systems
    Model Testing and Validation: Sensitivity Analysis
    Stability Analysis
    Biological Application of Models: Prey-Predator System
    Plant Competition Studies
    Environmental Management
    Appendix: A. Exercises on Modeling Crop Production Systems
    B. Discussion and Solutions of Exercises


    P Singh