1st Edition

Modeling Marine Systems Volume I

By A. M. Davies Copyright 1990

    This two-volume reference presents a series of review and research articles on advances in computing, marine physics, and remote sensing and addresses their importance to shallow sea modeling. Intended as a tribute to Dr. Norman Heaps, topics in the book reflect the range and diversity of his work, as well as his influence on international marine science. Topics discussed include numerical techniques, flow in homogenous sea regions, stratified flows, lake regimes, validation of numerical models, remote sensing as a method to collect oceanographic data at the sea surface, and bottom boundary modeling. Marine scientists actively involved in mathematical modeling and scientists who are interested in using models as tools to gain more insight and understanding of the processes they are observing will find this text useful.

    1. Norman Heaps Memorial 2. On the Determination of Hydraulic Model Parameters Using the Adjoint State Formulation 3. On Bottom, Trapped Waves Over the Western Slope of The Norwegian Trench 4. An Investigation of The Storm Surge of February 1, 1983 Using Numerical Methods 5. Layered Models of Coastal Upwelling: A Case Study the South Australian Region 6. On the Atmospherically Induced Variability of The Circulation of Northwest European Shelf Sea and Related Phenomena 7. Tide and Surge Models for Shallow Water 8. A Fine Grid Three-Dimensional M2 Tidal Model of The East China Sea 9. Model Simulations of Tides and Shelf Waves Along the Shelves of The Norwegian-Greenland-Barents Sea 10. Modelling Sand Transport on Continental Shelves 11. Qualitive Aspects of Topographic Waves in Closed Basins, Gulfs, And Channels


    A. M. Davies