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Modeling and Computation in Engineering II

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Liquan Xie

ISBN 9781138000582
Published May 22, 2013 by CRC Press
352 Pages

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Book Description

Modeling and Computation in Engineering II (CMCE 2013, Hong Kong, 22-23 June 2013) includes 50 contributions on modeling and simulation technology, which were presented at the 2nd SREE Conference on Modeling and Computation in Engineering (CMCE 2013) and the 3rd SREE Workshop on Applied Mechanics and Civil Engineering (AMCE 2013), both held in Hong Kong, 22-23 June 2013 . The topics covered include:

- Modeling technology

- Simulation technology and tools

- Computation methods and their engineering applications

- Mechanics in engineering

Modeling and Computation in Engineering II reviews recent advances in multiple areas, including applied mechanics & civil engineering, modeling & simulation in engineering, design theories, construction science and advanced material applications in building structures, underground structures, bridge structures, hydraulic engineering, municipal engineering, port and coastal engineering, road and transportation engineering, and will be invaluable to academics and professional interested in civil, hydraulic and mechanical engineering.

Table of Contents

Comparison of empirical calculations for venting of gas explosion with the experiment
M. Mynarz & M. Bárta

Mechanical behavior of steel anchor beams on pylons of cable-stayed bridge under construction
L.-B. Song & C. Wu

Cyclic loading tests on RC beam-column subassemblages
H.J. Jiang, Y.K. Wang & X.F. Liu

Practice on improvement of urban thermal environment with evaporation combined CFD simulation
W. Hu & X. Liao

Fatigue test specimen of orthotropic steel deck of cable-stayed bridge with arch pylons
C. Wu, X. Wang & H. Wang

Uplift ultimate bearing capacity analysis of piles in sloped ground
L.-Y. Cheng, S.-X. Chen, F. Yu & J. Li

The application of self-designed machinery to remove ACM and DCM in the chimney
J.Y. Liu & P.F. Li

Static analysis of cable under self-weight and horizontal loads
D. Shi, Y. Qi & W. Liu

Thermal analysis of bonded-in anchor in steel-to-concrete connection exposed to fire
Q. Xie, H.-X. Ju & Y. Zhao

Effect of GGBS on chloride diffusion coefficients of cement mortar
S. Zhang, Y. Fan & N. Li

In-situ test for RC frame structure lightly destroyed by the 5.12 great earthquake
C.Y. Lin

Numerical simulation of smoke temperature distribution of a moving train with fire in tunnel
J. Mao, Y. Xi, G. Ming & X. Li

A BIM-LCA framework and case study of a residential building in Tianjin
W. Yang & S.S. Wang

Optimal windbreak design for wind-erosion in high-speed railway
Y. Xi, J. Mao, L. Gao & G. Yang

Research progress on effective utilization of natural wind in highway tunnels
T. Yan, M.N. Wang, J. Yin & C. Guo

Stability analysis of a long-span double-arch-support steel structure
X. Li, L. Chen & W. Sun

A calculation method for longitudinal weld of rectangular box columns under buckling limit state
C. Wu & Y. Wu

Analysis on formation mechanism and feature of Yanjiagou rockfalls in Pingchang of Sichuan
P. Su & W. Chen

Relationship research between fault rotation and surface deformation based on the disclination theory
Y. Zhang, Y.Z. Zhang, Y.J. Wu & W. Qu

Resonant column test on dynamic shear modulus and damping ratio of the remolded red clay and its law analysis
J. Li, S.-X. Chen & S.-d. Xiong

Research on steel structures design method using energy dissipation brace for story lateral ductility ratio control
Z.-J. Li

Finite element inversion computation for surrounding rock mass parameters of large-span shallow-buried highway tunnel
Z. Yin & J. Zhang

Research on numerical simulations of structure reasonableness for GINA water stops in immersed tunnel
Z.-n. Hu, Y.-l. Xie, X.-b. Yue, H.-g. Zhang, S.-l. Bin & G.-p. Xu

Study on strength characteristics of critical state for expansive soil
W. Fu, J. Lv & B. Zhao

The analysis of real estate industry contribution to Shenyang economic
X.J. Qi, Y.X. Zhou, P. Xiao & L.J. Deng

Calculation methods of wave forces on vertical wall
D. Li & J. Lian

Effects of corrosion on the mechanical behavior of corroded steel plate
B. Qiu & S. Xu

Mechanical performances of multi-cell girders with corrugated steel webs
L. Ma, S. Zheng & S. Wan

Design of adding floors reconstruction of brick & concrete structure building
Z. Bian, S. Fu & J. Li

Kinematic analysis of footwork for return of serve on world’s elite tennis players
Y. Li & J. Zhou

Research and practice on grouting technology with new cement-based/polymer composite
Z. Li, J. Ma & H. Yuan

Development law of accumulation landslide in LUE YANG of Shanxi province in China
D.-w. Lv, C. Xu, N. Geng & G.-j. Xu

Flexural strength of corroded C-shape steel members
S. Xu, J. Wang & B. Qiu

Simulation prediction model for payback period of industrial construction project
Y. Sai, W. Wang & X. Fang

Experimental study on factors influence on foundation-pit bursting in soft soil
Y.-y. Sun & Y.-m. Wang

Study on the highway rockfall safety risk assessment
C.L. Zhang, S.C. Tang & W. Yin

Study on reinforcement depth of wind-blown sand foundation reinforced by compaction
W. Wang, L. Liu, L. Wu & C. Li

Centrifugal model experimental study on natural foundation of immersed tube tunnel
X.-b. Yue, Y.-l. Xie, Z.-n. Hu, H.-g. Zhang & G.-p. Xu

Piece-wise control approaches to improving GPS signal reacquisition
Z. Lei & Y. Wang

Structural optimum design of the hydraulic leakage holes based on ANSYS
S. Zheng & P. Liu

FEM analysis on shape influencing factors
S.-l. Chen, A.-r. He, Z.-r. Xu & J. Zhang

Analysis of energy-saving and high efficiency for bucket chain continuous ship unloader
M. Tong, Y. Wang & H. Qiu

Research on measuring and assessing the development of nanotechnology based on co-countries and co-institutions analysis
X. Wang, R. Li, S. Ren & Q. Zhang

Numerical analysis of influence on indoor air distribution by the positions of air inlet and air outlet
G. Li, Z. Li, G.H. Feng, H. Wang & H.S. Jin

Competitive intelligence, knowledge management, and anthropology
G. Tian, H. Wang & Q. Dai

Compensation mechanism and policy on pricing full-cost of demand in households in Liaoning
Y. Song & X. Wang

Analysis on esterase isozyme of Auricularia polytricha
D. Zhang, Y. Zhang, J. Gao, Y. Zheng & B. Wang

Investigation of diffusion of CO2 in decane-saturated porous media
H.F. Zheng, Y.C. Song, Y. Liu, M. Hao, Y.C. Zhao, B. Su, Z.J. Shen & L.Y. Chen

A numerical simulation study on horizontal well hydraulic fracturing
G. Zhang, C. Xiong, J. Liu, J. Jin & Y. Geng

Nitrogen runoff loss from paddy-pond system based on water cycling
L.Q. Zhu, Z.W. Zhang, X.M. Bian, L.Q. Bian & R.F. Jiao

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