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Modeling and Computation in Engineering III Porceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Modeling and Computation in Engineering (CMCE 2014), 28-29 June, 2014

Edited By Lei Zhang, Liquan Xie Copyright 2014

    The demands of modeling and computation in engineering are rapidly growing as a multidisciplinary area with connections to engineering, mathematics and computer science. Modeling and Computation in Engineering III contains 45 technical papers from the 3rd International Conference on Modeling and Computation in Engineering (CMCE 2014, 28-29 June 2014, including 2014 Hydraulic Engineering and Environment Workshop, HEEW 2014). The conference serves as a major forum for researchers, engineers and manufacturers to share recent advances, discuss problems, and identify challenges associated with modeling technology, simulation technology and tools, computation methods and their engineering applications. The contributions showcase recent developments in the areas of civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering and systems engineering, and other related fields.

    The contributions in this book mainly focus on advanced theories and technology related to modeling and computation in civil engineering, hydraulic structures, hydropower and management, coastal reclamation and environmental assessment, flood control, irrigation and drainage, water resources and water treatment, environmental management and sustainability, waste management and environmental protection, pollution and control, geology and geography, mechanics in engineering, numerical software and applications. Although these papers represent only modest advances toward modeling and computation problems in engineering, some of the technologies might be key factors in the success of future engineering advances. It is expected that this book will stimulate new ideas, methods and applications in ongoing engineering advances.

    Modeling and Computation in Engineering III will be invaluable to academics and professionals in civil engineering, hydraulic engineering and environmental engineering.


    Study on the performances different supported Ziegler-Natta catalysts in propylene polymerization
    X. Xu, B. Mao, X. Xia & Z. Tan

    Non-point source evaluation of Xichong River basin in Xichong County based on GIS
    M. Ke, L. Zhou, X. Li & T. Ao

    Study on hydrodynamics and salinity environment after a large-scale reclamation project in the Oujiang River Estuary
    T. Xu

    Simulating sediment transport with a coupled hydrodynamic-wave model
    T. Xu

    The mechanical analysis of a long-span multiple bar steel tower on temperature loads
    J. Cai & S. Wang

    The application of study on Chaos Ant Colony Optimization in cascade reservoir power generation optimized operation
    W. Yuan & C. Wu

    Study of small grinding wheel with multi-grains diamond
    L. Wang, X.L. Tian, W.L. Wang, Z.Y. Wu & X.J. Tang

    GPS elevation fitting based on improved least squares collocation
    S. Li, S. Ge & Y. Xu

    Research on dynamic full level of progressive cavity pumps
    D. Jiang, M.Z. Li, G.D. Zhang, H.C. Li & R. Han

    Method of 3D complex geological modeling
    H.H. Wei, X.H. Li & Y. Bao

    The prediction of wall factor of particle settling in rectangular ducts using Support Vector Machine
    M.Z. Li, J.B. Li, G.D. Zhang & C.T. Liu

    Modern distance education technology and social protection for farmers: A different perspective
    J. Gong & C. Yang

    Flood forecasting test based on multiple sources of rainfall data
    Z. Yin, F. Yang, T. Peng & J. Wang

    Tidal current numerical modeling of Chengmai Bay
    M.G. Li

    Brief and performance analysis of the fingerprint matching program based on GPU
    C. Wu, C. Feng & X. Chi

    Water quality assessment and control countermeasures of rural non-point source pollution: A case study on Xichong River
    L. Zhou, T. Han, L. Wu, M. Ke, H. Zhang, X. Li & T. Ao

    Water environment management at home and abroad research situation and enlightenment
    X. Zhang, W. Zhao, N. Qiu, J.L. Tommy & H. An

    The study of high resolution implicit algorithm in unstructured grids and its application
    C. Lu, Y. Han & X. Luo

    Numerical study on cold water emission for CNOOC Tianjin floating LNG project
    S.S. Yao, M.X. Xie & M.G. Li

    Research on sediment transport and deposition in the intake open channel under the typhoon
    N. Zhang, M.G. Li & W. Li

    Hydrodynamic simulation of XiangShan harbor and adjacent waters based on the high resolution numerical model
    Y.-X. Chen, Q.-Y. Ji, Q. Xu, H.-Z. Zou & M. Zhang

    Disinfection effectiveness of slightly acidic electrolyzed water in laying house
    Y.T. Zang, C.H. Lu, Y.P. Tan, Y.N. Hu, S. Bing, X.S. Li, B.M. Li & W.C. Zheng

    The evaluation of animal health risk management and resource allocation in economic
    C.H. Lu, Y.N. Hu, Y.P. Tan, D.W. Yu, S. Bing & Y.T. Zang

    Remote sensing dynamic monitoring of drought based on TVDI in dongting lake basin
    J. Liang, S. Yang, X. Han, F. Zhou, L. Zhou & B. Hu

    Numerical analysis on effects of deep foundation excavation to adjacent buildings
    B.S. Xu, Q. Yan, W.T. Ding, Z.Y. Zeng & W.D. Tang

    Method of MTF and SNR comprehensive simulation for Time-Delayed-Integration Charge Coupled Device on camera of mapping satellite
    X. Gao, X. Tang, Q. Yue & T. Li

    Stability reliability analysis of high earth and rockfill dam slope
    Y. Zhou, D. Zou, X. Deng & S. Zhao

    Research on relationship between different soil granularity fractal characteristics of reservoir water conservation district and soil physic-chemical characteristics
    X.-B. Shen

    Water exchange ability of an offshore artificial island in a semi-open bay
    B. Yan

    Inventory optimization and modeling techniques applied within manufacturing company
    H. Fidlerová, J. Prachař & M. Horváthová

    Overtopping risk analysis of Xiashan Reservoir
    Y. Sun, Z. Zhu, L. Teng & H. Xu

    Urban hydraulic structures discharge capacity study with CFD
    S.P. Zeng, J. Tian & J. Zeng

    Application of EFDC in simulation of hydrodynamics in Poyang lake
    X.H. Zhang, C.X. Tang, X. Xiong & W.N. Zou

    Evaluating the impact of spatial dependence on land use change analysis in New Castle
    B. Liu, Q. Xiang, B. Huang, L. Zhang & Y. Hu

    Visualization of social network for scientific research evaluation
    Y. Du, Y. Liu, P. Qiu & X. Shen

    Research of vehicle routing optimization based on traveling salesman problem
    B. Li, F. Yang & D. Kong

    Simulation research on the multipath error of BeiDou-2
    Z. Lei, Y. Wang & D. Ning

    Evaluation study on listed companies of the defense industry based on improved grey relational model
    L. Zhang, Y. Huang, Y. Wang & M. Huang

    Comparative analysis of China’s regional energy efficiency: Based on the Super-efficiency-SBM-DEA model and clustering method
    J. Tang, H. Wang, B. Li & X. Shen

    Trends in temperature extremes during 1961–2010 in Daqing River Basin
    W.J. Liu, C.Z. Li, J. Liu, D.H. Yan & L.X. He

    Research on the hydrodynamics characteristic transformation with the marine reclamation in Bohai Bay
    M.C. Li

    A new method to draw Rainfall-Runoff Correlation Diagram
    H. Wan, J. Xia, W.H. Zhang & L.P. Zhang

    New traits of rainfall change in the Taihu Lake Basin
    P.X. Deng, Q.F. Hu, Y.T. Wang, X.Y. Chen & L.Z. Wang

    Measurement of climate complexity using permutation entropy
    C.Y. Hao

    Study on the advanced denitrification in biological aerated filter upgrading
    Q. Lin & F. Chen

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    Lei Zhang, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China. Liquan Xie, Department of Hydraulic Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China.