1st Edition

Modeling and Control of Complex Systems

Edited By Petros A. Ioannou, Andreas Pitsillides Copyright 2008
    544 Pages 197 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Comprehension of complex systems comes from an understanding of not only the behavior of constituent elements but how they act together to form the behavior of the whole. However, given the multidisciplinary nature of complex systems, the scattering of information across different areas creates a chaotic situation for those trying to understand possible solutions and applications.

    Modeling and Control of Complex Systems brings together a number of research experts to present some of their latest approaches and future research directions in a language accessible to system theorists. Contributors discuss complex systems such as networks for modeling and control of civil structures, vehicles, robots, biomedical systems, fluid flow systems, and home automation systems. Each chapter provides theoretical and methodological descriptions of a specific application in the control of complex systems, including congestion control in computer networks, autonomous multi-robot docking systems, modeling and control in cancer genomics, and backstepping controllers for stabilization of turbulent flow PDEs.

    With this unique reference, you will discover how complexity is dealt with in different disciplines and learn about the latest methodologies, which are applicable to your own specialty. The balanced mix of theory and simulation presented by Modeling and Control of Complex Systems supplies a strong vehicle for enlarging your knowledge base a fueling future advances and incredible breakthroughs.

    P. Ioannou and A. Pitsillides

    Modeling and Control of Complex Systems using Neural Networks
    K.S. Narendra, M. Feiler, and Z.-L. Tian

    Modeling and Identification of Complex Structural Systems
    S.Masri and A. Chassiakos

    Model-free adaptive dynamic programming algorithms for H-infinity control of complex linear systems
    A. Al-Tamimi, M. Abu-Khalaf, and F.L. Lewis

    Optimization and Distributed Control for Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks
    A. Sridhara and B. Krishnamachari

    Optimization Problems in the Deployment of Sensor Networks
    C. G. Cassandras and W. Li

    Congestion Control in Computer Networks
    M.s Lestas, A. Pitsillides, and P. Ioannou

    Persistent Autonomous Formations and Cohesive Motion Control
    B. Fidan, B. D.O. Anderson, C.Yu, and J. M. Hendrickx

    Modeling and Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Current Status and Future Directions
    G. Vachtsevanos, P. Antsaklis, and K. Valavanis

    Autonomous Multi-Robot Docking Systems
    A. Drenner and N. Papanikolopoulos

    Modeling and Control in Cancer Genomics
    A. Datta, A. Choudhary, M. L. Bittner, and E. R. Dougherty

    Modeling and control problems in the visuomotor pathway
    B. K. Ghosh, W. Wang, and Z. V. Freudenburg

    Modeling and Control of Transportation Systems
    P. Ioannou, Y.Wang, and H. Chang

    Backstepping Controllers for Stabilization of Turbulent Flow PDEs
    M. Krstic, J. Cochran, and R. Vazquez

    Applying MAS theory to Complex Home Automation Systems
    G. Conte and D. Scaradozzi

    Multi-Robot Social Group-Based Search Algorithms
    B. Fox, W.T. Ong, H.P. Lee, and A.Y. Zomaya


    Petros A. Ioannou, Andreas Pitsillides