1st Edition

Modeling and Differential Equations in Biology

By T. A. Burton Copyright 1980
    292 Pages
    by CRC Press

    292 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book describes how stability theory of differential equations is used in the modeling of microbial competition, predator-prey systems, humoral immune response, and dose and cell-cycle effects in radiotherapy, among other areas that involve population biology, and mathematical ecology.

    Persistence in Lotka-Volterra Models of Food Chains and Competition
    Thomas G. Hallam
    Mathematical Models of Humoral Immune Response
    Stephen J. Merrill
    Mathematical Models of Dose and Cell Cycle Effects in Multifraction Radiotherapy
    Howard D. Thames, Jr.
    Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Microbial Competition in Continuous Culture
    Paul Saltman
    Stephen P. Hubbell
    Sze-Bi Hsu
    A Liapunov Functional for a class of Reaction-Diffusion Systems
    Nicholas D. Alikakos
    Stochastic Prey-Predator Relationships
    Georges A. Becus
    Coexistence in Predator-Prey systems
    G. J. Butler
    Stability of Some Multispecies Population Models
    B. S. Goh
    Population Dynamics in Patchy Environments
    Alan Hastings
    Limit Cycles in a Model of B-Cell Stimulation
    Stephen J. Merrill
    Optimal age-Specific Harvesting Policy for a Continuous Time-Population Model
    Chris Rorres
    Wyman Fair
    Models Involving Differential and Integral Equations Appropriate for describing a Temperature Dependent Predator-Prey Mite Ecosystem on Apples
    David J Wollkind
    Alan Hastings
    Jesse A. Logan


    T. A. Burton