Modelling and Computation in Engineering  book cover
1st Edition

Modelling and Computation in Engineering

Edited By

Jinrong Zhu

ISBN 9780415615167
Published October 8, 2010 by CRC Press
210 Pages

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Book Description

In recent years the theory and technology of modelling and computation in engineering has expanded rapidly, and has been widely applied in various kinds of engineering projects. Modelling and Computation in Engineering is a collection of 37 contributions, which cover the state-of-the-art on a broad range of topics, including:
- Tunnelling
- Seismic reduction technologies
- Wind-induced vibration control
- Asphalt-rubber concrete
- Open boundary field problems
- Road structures
- Bridge structures
- Earthquake engineering
- Steel structures

Modelling and Computation in Engineering will be much of interest to academics, leading engineers, industry researchers and scholar students in engineering and engineering-related disciplines.

Table of Contents

Influence analysis of core rock construction in super large section and span tunnel, D. Zhou, L. Cao, Y. Ma & Z. Shi
Research on the application of BVP members in the seismic reduction technology for core-outrigger structures, Z. Deng, F. Sun & G. Li
Relaxation modulus prediction of asphalt-rubber concrete based on micromechanics , N.S. Guo, Y.Q. Tan, Z.C.Wang &Y.H. Zhao
Effect of forward swept leading edge on a transonic axial compressor rotor stall margin, Y.F. Shi, H.Wu, M. Li, K. Mao & L.X. Chen
Research on inherent characteristics of the wind turbine tower based on field testing, R.L. Ma, Y.Q. Ma & H.Q. Liu
Map-matching algorithm based on the index mechanism, J. Zhai, H. Zhao, H. Mao &W. Sun
Laboratory model experiments on dynamic behavior of road structures under repeated traffic loads, Z. Lu, H. Yao, J. Liu & M. Hu
An agent-based distributed decision support system for fire rescue, Y.Wang,W. Shao &Y.Wang
Optimum analysis of construction sequences in super large section and span tunnel, D. Zhou, Y. Ma, L. Cao & Z. Shi
Force mechanism and nonlinear finite element analysis on the behavior of CFDSST column-to-beam connections, Y. Li, Y.-B. He, J. Guo, H.-B. Zhou, P. Huang & B. Chen
Seismic isolation of the railway bridge with tall piers using controlled rocking approach, X. Xia, X. Chen & X. Li
Application of Miner’s Law to the remaining service life prediction of airport cement concrete pavement, J.F. Liang, X.D. Zhang & Z.Q. Zhu
Structural robust design based on Info-Gap model, R. Xu, H. Tang & S. Xue
Mathematical modeling method of trawler equipped with CPP, X.-F. Sun, Y. Yin, H.-L. Shen & X.-Y. Zhang
Modeling preferential zone-regulated freshwater-saltwater mixing zone, Y.Q. Xia & M.C. Boufadel
Stability analysis of the built tunnel support affected by construction of overlapped tunnel based on numerical simulation, J. Jia & H.Wang
Study on simulation test of heat transfer in unsaturated compacted red clay, Y.ZH. Tan, L.W. Kong &AI.G. Guo
Numerical simulation of free-space explosion based on LS-DYNA, L. Liu, Y. Yao, Y. Li & K. Xia
Dynamic response of harmonic plane compressional waves around a circular cavity in liquid-filled solid half-space, L.F. Jiang, S.X. Chen & Z. Han
Unsaturated creep tests and empirical models of the sliding zone soils of the Qianjiangping landslide in Three Gorges, S.M.Wang & X.L. Lai
Pounding effects of movable bearing on seismic behaviors of continuous girder bridges, W.L. Qiu, M. Jiang & L. Zhou
Research on transient state of ultrasonic feeding, L. Li & Q. He
Crack identification of multi-layer plane frames based on wavelet transform of rotation mode, D.-Q. Guan, N. Jiang &Y.-T. Dong
Research on lateral shearing deformation of asphalt pavement under heavy axle load, Y. Zhu, X. Kong & K.Wang
Theoretical explanation on the characteristics of earthquake induced landslides by computation on model slopes, Y.-H. Lang & H. Nakamura
Energy and exergy analysis of air cooling systems with consideration of the thermal comfort, F.H. Ge, Q.S. Yu & C.Q.Wang
Application of soil-water characteristic curve taking stress influence into considerations in unsaturated seepage analysis, Sh.M.Wang, H.B. Qin & G.Wang
Upper bound analysis and calculation comparison for rock slope stability with Hoek–Brown failure criterion based on strength reduction technique, L.H. Zhao, D.P. Deng, F. Huang &Y.L. Lin
Study on contribution rate of equipment manufacturing industry to the Northeast China’s economic increase, W. Shao, L. Chen &W. Zhou
Application of fiber wall element model in nonlinear analysis of steel high performance concrete shear walls, L. Bai & X. Liang
Upper bound multi-rigid-body limit analysis on positive soil pressure based on the slip-line field theory, L.H. Zhao, F. Yang, L. Li & J. Zhou
Fabrication and testing of frequency selective surface based on fabrics, C. Li, Q.Wang, Z. Tang, J. Han, M. Shi & M. Li
Apply grey relational analysis to microstructure and mechanical property of weld metal, L. Zhao, L.T. Yang & K.J. Dai
Optimum study on wind-induced vibration control by IGA, D.Y.Wang &Y. Zhou
Risk analysis of tunnel shield machine driving-in and driving-out construction process in tunnelling engineering, D.L. Yang, R.J. Zheng & H.Z. Guo
Research on CPR parameters impact on hemodynamic effects based on mathematics model, L. Xu & X.Wu
Infinite element method for solving open boundary field problem and its application in resitivity well-logging, Z. Tang, J. Yuan, J. Zhu &W. Yan
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