1st Edition

Modelling in Geomechanics Russian Translations Series 107

    This study presents the fundamental principles of the theory of modelling with equivalent materials. Recommendations are given for the computation and development of models as well as planning and conduction of experiments. Experimentation, techniques adopted for measurement of pressure, stress & strain as well as the methods employed for predicting geomechanical processes during mining for minerals.

    1. Theoretical Principles of the Method 2. Construction and Testing of Models 3. Equivalent Materials 4. Measurements on Models 5. Planning Experimental Investigations 6. Forecasting Influence of Geological Factors on Stability of Mine Workings 7. Forecasting Conditions of Interaction in ‘Lateral Rockssupport’ Systems in Isolated Mine Workings 8. Forecasting Manifestation of Rock Pressure in Preparatory Mine Workings 9. Forecasting Manifestation of Rock Pressure in Longwall Faces 10. New Mechanisms of Manifestation of Rock Pressure 11. Principal Trends in Further Development of Investigations on Models


    F.P. Glushikhin (Author), G.N. Kuznetsov (Author), V.N. Pavlov (Author), M.F. Shklyarskii (Author), M.S. Zlotnikon (Author)