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Involuntary Clients in Social Work Practice A Research-Based Approach

Involuntary Clients in Social Work Practice: A Research-Based Approach

1st Edition

By Tony Tripodi
December 31, 1994

First published in 1994. While not setting out to write a book about social policy, Ivanoff, Blythe and Tripodi, seasoned and well-known contributors to the spirited debate on the proper relationship of research and practice methods in direct services, have, nonetheless, delivered much useful ...

Models for Change in Social Group Work

Models for Change in Social Group Work

1st Edition

By Marian Fatout
December 31, 1992

Intended for beginning students as was as for practitioners, this volume shows how to make maximum use of the various models available for social group work. Dr. Fatout explores and delineates the “mainstream model,” devotes separate and incisive sections to notable specific approaches, and offers ...

Social Work Case Management

Social Work Case Management

1st Edition

Edited By Betsy Vourlekis, Roberta R. Greene
December 31, 1992

This book is based on the assumption that when key elements are in place, the direct practice of case management belongs within the spectrum of methods for and approaches to helping clients. The book provides an in-depth examination of the functions and skills of social work case management....

Keeping Families Together The Homebuilders Model

Keeping Families Together: The Homebuilders Model

1st Edition

By Charlotte Booth
December 31, 1991

When a family's problems become so severe that traditional community resources are unable to help them effectively, caseworkers are usually advised to place children outside the home. Family preservation services such as Homebuilders are designed to give caseworkers and families another option: ...

Families and Health Care Psychosocial Practice

Families and Health Care: Psychosocial Practice

1st Edition

By Kathleen Ell
December 31, 1990

This book offers an antidote to the medicalization of health care and observes the special needs of socioeconomically disadvantaged persons with respect to health. It is useful for practitioners in the fields of mental health, family and child welfare, gerontology, and industrial practice....

Reaching High-Risk Families Intensive Family Preservation in Human Services - Modern Applications of Social Work

Reaching High-Risk Families: Intensive Family Preservation in Human Services - Modern Applications of Social Work

1st Edition

By Elizabeth Tracy
December 31, 1990

Focusing on a program ("Homebuilders") that has attracted national attention, this book develops implications for family-centered curricula in such areas as social policy, direct practice, program design/management, practice research, theory and prevention....

Special Children, Special Risks The Maltreatment of Children with Disabilities

Special Children, Special Risks: The Maltreatment of Children with Disabilities

1st Edition

Edited By James Garbarino
December 31, 1987

How does one investigate a child maltreatment case when the victim is blind, mute, deaf, mentally retarded, or confined to an institution? Special Children, Special Risks presents analysis, recommendations, and related research from social work, psychology, psychiatry, medicine, and education ...

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