1st Edition

Modern China An Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Nationalism

Edited By Ke-wen Wang, CRSN Staff Copyright 1998

    Charts Western influence and national development. Beginning with the mid-19th century, when China encountered the West and began to enter the modern age, this encyclopedia offers an overview of the world's largest and most populous nation.  The coverage includes not only major political topics, but also surveys the arts, business, literature, education, journalism, and all other major aspects of the nation's social, cultural, and economic life.  The encyclopedia also offers significant material on such often neglected subjects as women and minorities, modern drama, Sino-French War,  the federalist movement, overseas Chinese, Mongolian independence, and more.  Special emphasis throughout is on the dramatic changes that have taken place in the country since the end of World War II. Provides an overview of the modern era. The entries are written by China specialists, who are thoroughly familiar with every aspect of the nation and its peoples.  While history predominates, the articles cover all academic fields and include considerable material on recent decades as well as on earlier periods.  There are entries on national political leaders and key thinkers, major events and trends in the nation's history, institutions, organizations, and currents of thought that led to the emergence of the modern nation.  The encyclopedia's longer essays offer detailed and insightful surveys of censorship,  important eras, literary movements, powerful social groups, anti-imperialism campaigns,  Five Year Plans, the Sino-Vietnamese War, economic breakthroughs, and other vital topics.  The coverage is informed by a thorough exploration of the historical role of Chinese nationalism, a potent force that was shaped by the need to retain national unity and independence under foreign assault.

    Introduction; Entries by Subject; Part Modern China; Chapter 1 A; Chapter 2 B; Chapter 3 C; Chapter 4 D; Chapter 5 E; Chapter 6 F; Chapter 7 G; Chapter 8 H; Chapter 9 I; Chapter 10 J; Chapter 11 K; Chapter 12 L; Chapter 13 M; Chapter 14 N; Chapter 15 O; Chapter 16 P; Chapter 17 Q; Chapter 18 R; Chapter 19 S; Chapter 20 T; Chapter 21 U; Chapter 22 V; Chapter 23 W; Chapter 24 X; Chapter 25 Y; Chapter 26 Z;


    Ke-wen Wang is Associate Professor of History at St Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont. He received his undergraduate training at National Taiwan University and holds M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in East Asian History from Stanford University. A specialist in the history of the Nationalist era, he has published numerous articles on the subject and served as a consultant for the PBS documentaries China in Revolution and The Mao Years.

    "A useful and convenient reference...The entries are clearly written and give the basic facts, and each story is told in an accurate and understandable way...Modern China is a book that every English speaking visitor interested in China should have on their shelf, and that every corporate or joint venture office inside China should make available for its executives." -- American Review of China Studies
    "Essential and much needed. Recommended for all libraries." -- Choice
    "[A] fascinating survey...will be useful to researchers who need information beyond what can be found in general encyclopedias. Recommended for academic and large public. libraries." -- Reference Books Bulletin/Booklist