1st Edition

Modern Chinese Complex Sentences II Coordinate Type

By XING Fuyi Copyright 2023
    200 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book is the second volume of a four-volume set on modern Chinese complex sentences, with a focus on coordinate complex sentences and their relevant forms.

    Complex sentences in modern Chinese are unique in formation and meaning. The author proposes a tripartite classification of Chinese complex sentences according to the semantic relationships between the clauses, that is, coordinate, causal, and adversative. This volume analyzes the coordinated type in the broad sense and the relevant forms, including the representative form in which the clauses are juxtaposed with each other, paired and single occurrences of the connective yībiān, and various forms of successive, progressive, and alternative complex sentences, as well as the compound forms.

    The book will be a useful reference for scholars and learners interested in Chinese grammar and language information processing.

    1. “jì p, yòu q” and the relevant forms  2. Paired and single occurrences of the connective yībiān  3. "p, jiēzhe q" and relevant forms  4. "bùdàn p, érqiě q" and relevant forms  5. "(huòzhě) p, huòzhě q" and relevant forms  6. "yàome p, yàome q" and relevant forms  7. Variants of "yī p, jiù q"


    Xing Fuyi is a renowned Chinese linguist and a senior professor at Central China Normal University. He has been devoted to the studies of modern Chinese grammar and has initiated the clause-pivotal approach for modern Chinese grammar studies. His other major publications include Modern Chinese Grammar: A Clause-Pivot Approach and Three Hundred Qs & As about Chinese Grammar.