Cosmology is a relatively new science, but cosmological questions are as old as mankind. Turning philosophical and metaphysical problems into problems that physics can treat, and hopefully solve, has been an achievement of the twentieth century. Modern Cosmology brings together contributions from a number of outstanding scientists currently working in various research fields in cosmology. Topics covered range over several different aspects of modern cosmology, from observational matters to advanced theoretical speculations.

    Contents. 1 The physics of the early Universe (an overview). 2 An introduction to the physics of cosmology. 3 Cosmological Models. 4 inflationary Cosmology and Creation of Matter in the Universe. References. 5 Supergravity and Cosmology. 6 The Cosmic Microwave Background. References. 7 Dark Matter search with innovative techniques. 8 Signature for signals from the Dark Universe. 9 Neutrino oscillations: a phenomenological overview. 10 Highlights in Modern Observational Cosmology. References. 11 Clustering in the Universe: from Highly Nonlinear Structures to Homogeneity. References. 12 The debate of galaxy space distribution: an overview. References. 13 Gravitational lensing. References. 14 Numerical Simulations in Cosmology. References.


    S Bonometto, V. Gorini, U. Moschella

    "The editor ties the diverse contributions together in an excellent introductory chapter, tracing the historical development of cosmology … The content is most appropriate for graduate students and researchers. This book is highly recommended for academic collections supporting extensive research in astronomy or astrophysics."
    -E-STREAMS, Vol.5, No. 9

    "… the book covers most of the interesting and active areas of cosmological research … at an appropriate level for new postgraduate students. I would recommend this book as an interesting snapshot of ongoing activity."
    -Peter Coles, General Relativity and Gravitation

    "This book is a heterogeneous compilation of articles based on lectures, mostly from theorists, describing both the foundations and the present status of cosmology …They are a pleasure to read and may be extremely useful to Ph.D. students and even researchers in other fields … In summary, I think the book is a nice compilation of the status of cosmology in the year 2000. It gives the right perspective of what is to come in the next few years, or even decades."
    -Juan Garcia-Bellido, CERN Courier

    "In short, the book has substantial content of modern cosmology from observational matters to theoretical models as well as from the basics to development. I would recommend this book to those who are working on and interested in this subject."
    -Yuan-Zhong Zhang

    "This book is highly recommended for academic collections supporting extensive research in astronomy or astrophysics."
    -E-STREAMS, Vol. 5, No. 9

    "For those who wish to appreciate the breadth of current research in this area, and for those planning to embark on this type of research, the book provides an excellent overview of the current state of the art."
    -Professor A. Hibbert, Queen's University, Belfast, Ireland

    "Both John Peacock and George Ellis (no relation!) give excellent summaries of cosmological physics. Peacock's contribution, in particular (cover 100 pages, by far the longest) is masterly, elegantly summarizing recent developments in large-scale structure from the 2nF survey (in which he is involved) to progress in studying fluctuations in the microwave background."
    -Richard Ellis