1st Edition

Modern Counter-Insurgency

Edited By Ian Beckett Copyright 2007

    Insurgency has been the most prevalent form of conflict in the modern world since the end of the Second World War. Accordingly, it has posed a major challenge to conventional armed forces, all of whom have had to evolve counter-insurgency methods in response. The volume brings together classic articles on the counter-insurgency experience since 1945.

    Contents: Series preface; Introduction. Part I The British Experience: British intelligence in the Palestine campaign 1945-47, David A. Charters; 'Jungle bashing' in Malaya: towards a formal tactical doctrine, Raffi Gregorian; CLARET operations and confrontation, 1964-66, Raffi Gregorian; Intelligence and counter-insurgency in Kenya, 1952-56, Randall Heather; Intelligence and counter-insurgency operations: some reflections on the British experience, Keith Jeffrey; The British army and counter-guerrilla warfare in transition, 1944-52, Tim Jones; The British army and counter-guerrilla warfare in Greece, 1945-49, Tim Jones; The British army in Northern Ireland 1969-1972: from policing to counter-terror, Caroline Kennedy-Pipe and Colin McInnes; Minimum force, British counter-insurgency and the Mau Mau rebellion, John Newsinger; From counter-insurgency to internal security: Northern Ireland 1969-1992, John Newsinger ; British counter-insurgency in Kenya, 1952-56: extension of internal security policy or prelude to decolonisation?, David A. Percox; 'Lacking intelligence': some reflections on recent approaches to British counter-insurgency, 1900-1960, Richard Popplewell; Insurgency and decolonisation during the Malayan emergency, A.J. Stockwell. Part II The United States Experience: Illustrations of 'learning' in counter-insurgency, Christopher C. Harmon; Foreign internal defense and the Hukbalahap: a model counter-insurgency, Wray R. Johnson and Paul J. Dimech; American strategic culture in small wars, Carnes Lord; Ruminations of a pachyderm or what I learned in the counter-insurgency business, John D. Waghelstein. Part III The Soviet and Russian Experience: The Soviet Union and Muslim guerrilla wars, 1920-1981: lessons for Afghanistan, Alexandre Bennigsen; Marxist counterinsurgencies, Rod Paschall (1986); Kabul to Grozny: a critique of Soviet (Russian) counter-insurgency doctrine, Carl van Dyke; Name index.


    Ian Beckett is Professor of History at the University of Northampton, UK. A Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, he is also Chairman of the Army Records Society. Previously, he was Major-General Matthew C Horner Chair in Military Theory at the US Marine Corps University, Quantico, Virginia.