2nd Edition

Modern Digital Halftoning

By Daniel L. Lau, Gonzalo R. Arce Copyright 2008
    686 Pages 449 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    The late 1980s, revolutionary advances in digital halftoning enabled inkjet printers to achieve much higher image fidelity. The rapid rate of progress has resulted in numerous breakthroughs scattered throughout the literature, rendering old technologies obsolete and renewing the need for a centralized source on the current state of the art. Entirely revised and updated, Modern Digital Halftoning, Second Edition provides an integrated and up-to-date treatment of stochastic halftoning and digital printing.

    Using full-color illustrations to enhance the text, this edition incorporates new topics as well as updated models, algorithms, and methods used to construct and improve the quality of green-noise, blue-noise, and multitone images. Following a review of various halftoning techniques, this edition now covers amplitude modulated dither arrays, adapting to human visual models, direct binary search, and handling stochastic moiré problems. It also presents a new chapter on lenticular printing, a means for printing color holographic images. Accompanying downloadable resources contain MATLAB® software files and illustrated examples employing algorithms, statistics, and other key concepts from the book.

    Documenting the development of digital printing since the first edition, Modern Digital Halftoning, Second Edition offers a well-rounded and accurate perspective on the technological capabilities of digital printing and provides all the necessary tools for continuing research in the field.

    AM Digital Halftoning
    FM Digital Halftoning
    AM-FM Hybrids
    AM Halftoning
    Dot Shape
    Screen Angles and Moiré
    Screen Frequency
    Zero-Angle Dither Arrays
    Stochastic Halftone Analysis
    Point Processes
    Spatial Statistics
    Spectral Statistics
    Color Halftoning
    Halftone Visibility
    Campbell’s CSF Model
    Näsänen (Exponential) Model
    Mixed Gaussian Models
    Alpha Stable HVS Models
    Blue-Noise Dithering
    Spatial and Spectral Characteristics
    Error Diffusion
    Blue-Noise Dither Arrays
    Simulated Annealing
    Void and Cluster
    Dither Pattern Ordering
    Direct Binary Search
    Halftoning by DBS
    Efficient Implementation of DBS
    Effect of HVS model
    Hexagonal Grid Halftoning
    Spectral Aliasing
    Modified Blue-Noise Model
    Hexagonal Sampling Grids
    Printers: Distortions and Models
    Printer Distortion
    Dot Models
    Corrective Measures
    Green-Noise Dithering
    Spatial and Spectral Characteristics
    Green-Noise Masks
    Optimal Green-Noise Masks
    Color Printing
    Generalized Error Diffusion
    Multichannel Green-Noise Masks
    Stochastic Moiré
    Spatial Analysis of Periodic Moiré
    Spatial Analysis of Aperiodic Moiré
    Spectral Analysis of Aperiodic Moiré
    Minimizing Stochastic Moiré
    Stochastic Moiré and Green-Noise
    Multitone Dithering
    Spectral Statistics of Multitones
    Multitone Blue-Noise Model
    Blue-Noise Multitoning
    Lenticular Halftoning
    Model Based Error Diffusion
    Iterative Tone Correction
    List of Figures


    Daniel L. Lau, Gonzalo R. Arce