1st Edition

Modern Dutch Grammar A Practical Guide

By Jenneke Oosterhoff Copyright 2015
    300 Pages
    by Routledge

    300 Pages
    by Routledge

    Modern Dutch Grammar: A Practical Guide is an innovative reference guide to Dutch, combining traditional and function-based grammar in a single volume. With a strong emphasis on contemporary usage, all grammar points and functions are richly illustrated with examples.

    The Grammar is divided into two parts. Part I covers traditional grammatical categories such as nouns and verbs. Part II is carefully organized around language functions and contexts such as:

    • Giving and seeking information
    • Describing processes and results
    • Expressing attitudes, mental states and emotions
    • Registers and style
    • Formal and informal communication, e.g. youth talk

    Main features of the Grammar include:

    • Clear, succinct and jargon-free explanations
    • Extensive cross-referencing between the different sections
    • Emphasis on areas of particular difficulty for learners of Dutch

    This is the ideal reference grammar for learners of Dutch at all levels, from elementary to advanced; no prior knowledge of grammatical terminology is assumed and it provides indices of grammatical terms and functions. This Grammar is complemented by a companion website featuring related exercises and activities to reinforce learning.

    Part A - Structures A) Noun groups  1. Nouns  2. Pronouns  3. Adjectives and Adverbs  4. Prepositions 5. Numbers and Measures  B) Verb Groups  6. Verbs  7. Verb tenses  8. Verb modes and voices  C) Word order and sentence structure  9. Coordinated and subordinated sentences  D) Letters and Sounds  10. Pronunciation  11. Spelling  Part B - Functions in Context  12. Social contact  13. Basic communication strategies  14. Giving and seeking factual information  15. Putting things into a wider context  16. Communication in transactions  17. Expressing attitudes and mental states 18. Expressing emotions  19. Expressing temporal relations  AppendixIndexes  Index of grammatical terms  Index of keywords and topics



    Jenneke Oosterhoff is Senior Lecturer in the Department of German, Scandinavian and Dutch at the University of Minnesota. She has taught both German and Dutch.