1st Edition

Modern Environmentalism An Introduction

By David Pepper Copyright 1996
    388 Pages
    by Routledge

    384 Pages
    by Routledge

    Modern Environmentalism presents a comprehensive introduction to environmentalism, the origins of its main beliefs and ideas, and how these relate to modern environmental ideologies. Providing a historical overview of the development of attitudes to nature and the environment in society, the book examines key environmentalist ideas, influences and movements. Science's role in mediating our view of nature is emphasised throughout. This entirely new account draws on the explosion of writing on socio-environment relations since Pepper's earlier work, The Roots of Modern Environmentalism.

    Introduction: Why History And Ideology Matter 1 Defining Environmentalism 2 Some Fundamental Issues In Radical Environmentalism 3 Pre-Modern And Modern Ideas About Nature And Science: The Roots Of Technocentrism 4 Modern Roots Of Ecocentrism 5 Postmodern Science And Ecocentrism: Subjectivity, Ideology And The Critique Of Classical Science 6 Ways Ahead


    David Pepper

    "There are very few textss available which cover most of the issues which correspond to the course content (and which satisfy my own views on the subject!). Importantly too, it is written in a style which is attractive and accessible, which will appeal to the jaded minds of students who are overfed with with indigestible academic jargon" M Parnell, Napier University