1st Edition

Modern Guide to GP Consulting

ISBN 9781909368989
Published December 28, 2013 by CRC Press
168 Pages

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Book Description

Dr. Alex Watson and actor Dave Gillespie have combined their different areas of expertise to produce a new approach to GP consulting. Modern Guide to GP Consulting is a simple and straightforward guide that any doctor can use to improve the way they communicate with their patients.

For many years, General Practitioners have placed great emphasis and importance on consultation skills, especially within their training schemes. Medical Schools are also placing increasing value on these skills, regardless of what specialty a doctor chooses to pursue in the future.

Using these six S’s – Status, Story, Summarising, Sharing, Securing, and Sanity – the book provides a structure for the consultation, with the aim of Increasing successful patient-doctor outcomes and satisfaction rates. If you would like to contact the authors, or to find out more about 'Six S for Success' training, seminars and workshops, please email [email protected]

Table of Contents

Foreword by Professor Abdol Tavabie. Foreword by Sir Edward Clay. About the authors. Acknowledgements. Note to the reader. Introduction. Chapter 1: Status. What is status? Story 1 - Showing an interest. Story 2 - We're all in this together. Physical status. Story 3 - Making judgments on what we see. Vocal status. Story 4 - It's not what you say, it's the way that you say it. Emotional status. Story 5 - Empathy and understanding. Key points. Communication exercise. Chapter 2: Story. What is story? Story 1 - Making the connection. Story 2 - The golden first minute. Story 3 - I am listening. Story 4 - What are you really worried about? Story 5 - Cultural differences. Story 6 - A story shared. Story 7 - Doctor Who? Key Points. Communication exercise. Chapter 3: Summarising. What is summarising? Story 1 - 'Did the doc hear all that I said?' Story 2 - 'I want antibiotics! The last doctor missed my tonsillitis!' Story 3 - A sudden realisation. Story 4 - So many problems! Story 5 - The hidden agenda. Story 6 - 'It's what makes being a doctor so much fun!' Key points. Communication exercise. Chapter 4: Sharing. What is sharing? Story 1 - Managing a problem, rather than a diagnosis. Story 2 - A simple case of high cholesterol? Story 3 - 'I don't know what it is'. Story 4 - A specialist's viewpoint. A difference of opinions - a doctor's perspective. Story 5 - 'I want more time off work'. A difference of opinions - a patient's perspective. Story 6 - 'Those pills are causing my rash'. Key points. Communication exercise. Chapter 5: Securing. What is securing? Story 1 - Telephone consulting. Story 2 - Home visits. Story 3 - The use of 'time'. Story 4 - 'I can't get through to my GP!' Story 5 - How much do I need to record? Story 6 - The challenges of working part-time. Key points. Communication exercise. Chapter 6: Sanity. What is sanity? Dialogue 1 - What puts you under pressure? Dialogue 2 - Perspective and confidence. Dialogue 3 - Looking after ourselves and preventing 'burnout'. Dialogue 4 - Maintaining focus. Dialogue 5 - Putting theory into practice. Key points. Communication exercise. Summary. References. Index.

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"This book is a gold mine of robust good sense for doctors." 
—Sir Edward Clay

"...an original and insightful guide...an invaluable source of refreshment, inspiration, education and reflection. I recommend it to all clinicians." 
—Professor Abdol Tavabie