2nd Edition

Modern Hospice Design The Architecture of Palliative and Social Care

By Ken Worpole Copyright 2024
    202 Pages 50 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    202 Pages 50 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The new edition of this acclaimed book comprehensively updates its timely advocacy of the need for good quality palliative care, today more necessary than ever. Rooted in the social history of the care of the elderly and terminally ill, Modern Hospice Design: The Architecture of Palliative and Social Care takes cognisance of the new conditions of social care in the 21st century, principally in the UK, Europe and North America. It does so with regard to the development of new building types, but also in response to new philosophies of palliative care and the status of the elderly and the dying.

    Benefitting from a clearer methodological approach and conceptual framework, the expanded book allows a broad section of readers to navigate the text more easily. At its core is a public discussion of a philosophy of design for providing care for the elderly and the vulnerable, taking the importance of architectural aesthetics, the use of quality materials, the porousness of design to the wider world, and the integration of indoor and outdoor spaces as part of the overall care environment. In doing so it advocates care settings that, in the words of Maggie Jencks whose life and ideas inspired the Maggie’s Centres, ‘rise to the occasion’. Including new chapters and new in-depth case studies, complete will full colour illustrations, this book is for architects and interior designers and their students, healthcare professionals, social care providers, estate and facility managers, hospital administrators and Healthcare Trust Boards.

    1. A new world of palliative and social care  2. A house at the end of life  3. Be kind quickly: how the modern hospice movement changed (nearly) everything  4.The brief is everything  5. Public faces and private places  6. Everything gathered in one room  7. Open to the world and to life  8. In a hospice garden  9. The evening land


    Ken Worpole is the author of a number of admired books and studies on architecture, landscape and urban design, and an adviser on public policy to the UK government, the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, and the Heritage Lottery Fund. A former Professor at The Cities Institute of London Metropolitan University, in the words of The New Statesman, ‘Worpole is a literary original, a social and architectural historian whose books combine the Orwellian ideal of common decency with understated erudition.’ Elsewhere, The Independent newspaper has written that, 'For many years Ken Worpole has been one of the shrewdest and sharpest observers of the English social landscape.'

    What reviewers have said about Ken Worpole's most recent books:

    Last Landscapes: the architecture of the cemetery in the West

    'One of the most thought-provoking books of the year.'


    'An intensely personal analysis, supported by wonderful photographs.'


    'A richly humane and engrossing book which incorporates a huge range of sources: he quotes anthropologists, novelists and a wealth of thinkers. The result is a work that is warm, compassionate, intelligent and thought-provoking.'


    Modern Hospice Design: the architecture of palliative care

    ‘Ken Worpole traces a path out of the darkness and into the light: from the Victorian asylum or sanatorium, devised to punish the sick, to the hospice movement and its assertion that even those who can't be made well by clinical medicine are entitled to be treated by the medical profession with not just dignity but something like love.’


    ‘This concise, well-referenced book encourages the reader to consider whether design can foster hope…Worpole’s book speaks directly to designers and health care professionals to take this opportunity to engage with the deeper issues of ritual and occasion.’