2nd Edition

Modern Man in Search of a Soul

By C.G. Jung Copyright 2001

    Modern Man in Search of a Soul is the perfect introduction to the theories and concepts of one of the most original and influential religious thinkers of the twentieth century. Lively and insightful, it covers all of his most significant themes, including man's need for a God and the mechanics of dream analysis. One of his most famous books, it perfectly captures the feelings of confusion that many sense today. Generation X might be a recent concept, but Jung spotted its forerunner over half a century ago. For anyone seeking meaning in today's world, Modern Man in Search of a Soul is a must.

    Dream-Analysis in its Practical Application -- Problems of Modern Psychotherapy -- The Aims of Psychotherapy -- A Psychological Theory of Types -- The Stages of Life -- Freud and Jung - Contrasts -- Archaic Man -- Psychology and Literature -- The Basic Postulates of Analytical Psychology -- The Spiritual Problem of Modern Man -- Psychotherapists or the Clergy


    Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961). Founded the analytical school of psychology and developed a radical new theory of the unconscious.