1st Edition

Modern Management and Leadership
Best Practice Essentials with CISO/CSO Applications

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ISBN 9780367558918
July 22, 2021 Forthcoming by CRC Press
216 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

In one modest-sized volume, this book offers three valuable sets of knowledge. First, it provides best practice guidance on virtually every large-scale task a modern manager may be involved in—from recruiting and hiring to onboarding and leading teams, and from employee engagement and retention to performance management and working with difficult employees.

Second, it explains the essential concepts and practice of a range of effective leadership styles—including (but not limited to) servant leadership, crisis leadership, change agent leadership, and diversity and inclusion leadership. Third, it offers brief case studies from select CISOs and CSOs on how these management and leadership principles and practices play out in real-life workplace situations.

The best practice essentials provided throughout this volume will empower aspiring leaders and also enable experienced managers to take their leadership to the next level. Many if not most CISOs and other leaders have had very little, if any, formal training in management and leadership. The select few that have such training usually obtained it through academic courses that take a theoretical, broad brush approach. In contrast, this book provides much actionable guidance in the nitty-gritty tasks that managers must do every day.

Lack of management practical knowledge puts CISOs and CSOs at a disadvantage vis-a-vis other executives in the C-suite. They risk being pigeonholed as “security cops” rather than respected business leaders. Many articles on these subjects published in the press are too incomplete and filled with bad information. And combing through the few high-quality sources that are out there, such as Harvard Business Publishing, can take hundreds of dollars in magazine subscription and book purchase fees and weeks or months of reading time. This book puts all the essential information into your hands through a series of concise chapters authored by an award-winning writer.

Table of Contents

Section One – The Management Evolution and Revolution 1. The Failure of Traditional Management 2. What the New Workforce Wants and Needs 3. Which Managers Will Succeed Today Section Two – Best Practices for Every Management Role 4. The Crucial Early Days: Effective Onboarding and In-boarding 5. Managing the Hiring Process 6. Crucial Days: Effective Onboarding and In-Boarding 7. Compelling Coaching to Employee Strengths 8. Connecting and Aligning Staff with Mission 9. The Death of Yearly Evaluations: The New Performance Management 10. Key Communication and Check-in Practices 11. Harnessing and Deploying Emotional Intelligence 12. Self-Management: Combatting Bias and Other Strategies 13. The Millenial Majority: Managing a Multigenerational Workforce 14. Inviting Improvement and Managing Problem Employees 15. Maximizing Employee Retention Section Three – Becoming the Leader You Need to Be 16. Servant Leadership 17. Change Agent Leadership 18. Crisis Leadership 19. Two-Way Leadership 20. Leading Through the #metoo Era 21. Diversity and Inclusion Leadership 22. Leadership That Attracts Followship 23. Highly Evolved Leadership 24. A Leader’s First 90 Days Section Four – Leadership in Action 24. CISO Case Study #1 25. CISO Case Study #2 26. CISO Case Study #3 27. CISO Case Study #4 Section Five– The Future of Management and Leadership 28. Managing the Future 29. Leading Ahead of the Curve

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Mark Tarallo is a multi-award-winning journalist and writer who has covered and analyzed management and leadership issues for two decades. He has interviewed hundreds of successful leaders and managers from the private, public, and nonprofit sector, including CEOs of companies large and small; U.S. Senators, Governors, members of Congress, and Cabinet Secretaries; Generals and other military leaders; and managers of all stripes and levels. For the last six years, Mr. Tarallo has covered management and leadership issues in the security space for Security Management magazine. Before that, he served as Senior Reporter for five years at CEO Update magazine, covering association executive management issues. He also spent five years as a correspondent for a global financial wire service, covering international trade, Capitol Hill, and federal agencies. In the latter position, he covered global summit meetings attended by dozens of heads of state around the world, such as the 1999 World Trade Organization ministerial meeting in Seattle and FTAA Summit of the Americas in Quebec City. Mr. Tarallo has won more than 20 awards for his writing and reporting, including several awards for articles on management and leadership. These articles include his analysis of failed leadership in the public sector, The Lessons of Flint, which won the Grand Award in Writing in the 2017 Apex Awards for Publishing Excellence competition. His article The Art of Servant Leadership won the Award of Excellence in the 2018 APEX Awards competition.