Modern Pioneers in Psychological Science: An APS-Psychology Press Series

This website contains volumes published in the APS-Psychology Press Modern Pioneers in Psychological Science book series, as well as other festschrift volumes published by Psychology Press and offered to APS members at a special discount.

The Modern Pioneers in Psychological Science series celebrates the careers and contributions of a generation of pioneers in psychological science. Each volume commemorates the research and life of an exceptionally influential scientist.

These books document the professional and personal milestones that have shaped the frontiers of progress across a variety of areas, from theoretical discoveries to innovative applications and from experimental psychology to clinical research.

Some of the volumes are based on the proceedings of day-long Festschrift events at the annual meeting of the Association of Psychological Science. The unifying element among the individuals and books in this series is a commitment to science as the key to understanding and improving the human condition.

All volumes in the Modern Pioneers in Psychological Science series - and those other festschrift volumes from Psychology Press listed on this website - are offered to APS members at an approximate 40% discount on the list price.