1st Edition

Modern Polarographic Methods in Analytical Chemistry

By A. M. Bond Copyright 1980
    536 Pages
    by CRC Press

    540 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book provides up-to-date discussion of modern polarographic methods, with examples and experimental details. It is designed for the practicing analyst and a factor in bringing the reincarnated area of analytical chemistry into a new and healthy maturity.

    1. The Renaissance of Polarography 2. Theoretical, Instrumental, and General Considerations Relevant to the Systematic Use of Polarographic Methodology 3. Conventional DC Polarography: Limitations and Uses 4. Advances in DC Polarography 5. Linear Sweep Voltammetry and Related Techniques 6. Pulse Polarography 7. Sinusoidal Alternating Current Polarography 8. Miscellaneous Polarographic Methods Used in Analytical Chemistry 9. Stripping Voltammetry 10. Computers and Digital Data Processing in Polarography


    Bond\, A. M.