The edition of this classic text has been completely revised and updated, taking into account recent developments in the field of psychometrics. Part 1 of Modern Psychometrics outlines the background, history and controversies surrounding psychological testing. Part 2 provides a practical guide for developing a psychometric test. Modern Psychometrics forms the ideal companion for those studying for the British Psychological Society's Certificates of Competence in Testing

    Part 1. The Development of Psychometrics. The Objectives of Testing and Assessment. The Process of Test Construction. Item Analysis. Characteristics of Tests. Bias in Testing and Assessment. Factor Analysis. Using Psychometrics in Educational Settings. Personality Theory and Clinical Assessment. Psychometric Assessment of Personality in Occupational Settings. Ethical Test Use and Integrity Testing. Psychometrics in the Information Technology Age. Part 2. Constructing Your Own Questionnaire.


    Authored by Rust, John; Golombok, Susan

    'An introduction to psychometrics which successfully combines theory and practice.' - Times Higher Education Supplement