1st Edition

Modern Tribology Handbook, Two Volume Set

    1760 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Recent research has led to a deeper understanding of the nature and consequences of interactions between materials on an atomic scale. The results have resonated throughout the field of tribology. For example, new applications require detailed understanding of the tribological process on macro- and microscales and new knowledge guides the rational design of material for these applications. A two volume set, the Modern Tribology Handbook reports on the current state-of-the-field as it reflects these developments, including all industrial applications.
    In the Modern Tribology Handbook you will get:

  • A thorough review of the basic concepts of contact, friction, wear, and lubrication
  • Comprehensive coverage of experimental studies
  • The fascinating subject of molecular dynamics simulations
  • An exploration of both conventional and new tribological materials
  • Knowledge of the advantages and limitations of ceramics, diamond-like carbon and related films, and a wide range of coating composites
  • A section devoted to industrial components and systems
    Conventional tribology has become well established in the past fifty years but few handbooks that exist are dated. The rapid evolution of micro- and nanotribology will cause it to take center stage for the next decade, but much of the new information has not made it into the hands that need to use it. Extensively illustrated and well-researched, the Modern Tribology Handbook gives you comprehensive information on conventional topics and, more importantly, emphasizes all industrial applications, including the fundamentals of the emerging field of micro-and nanotribology.
  • Macrotribology, B. Bhushan, F.E. Kennedy, and A. Szeri
    Surface Physics in Tribology, P. Abel and J. Ferrante
    Surface Roughness Analysis and Measurement Techniques, B. Bhushan
    Contact Between Solid Surfaces, J. Williams and R. Dwyer-Joyce
    Adhesion of Solids: Mechanical Aspects, D. Maugis
    Friction, K.C. Ludema
    Frictional Heating and Contact Temperatures, F.E. Kennedy
    Wear Mechanisms, K. Kato
    Wear Debris Classifications, W.A. Glaeser
    Wear Maps, S. Hsu
    Liquid Lubricants and Lubrication, C.E. Snyder, Jr., L. Gschwender, S.K. Sharma, D.C. Kramer, B.K. Lok, M.L. Sztenderowicz, and R.R. Krug
    Hydrodynamic and Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication, A. Szeri
    Boundary Lubrication and Boundary Lubricating Films, S. Hsu and R.S. Gates
    Friction and Wear Measurement Techniques, N. Axen, S. Hogmark, S. Jacobson
    Design of Simulative Friction and Wear Tests, P.J. Blau
    Friction and Wear Data Bank, A. W. Ruff
    Micro/Nanotribology, B. Bhushan and O. Marti
    Microrheology and Microtribology of Molecularly Thin Liquid Films Using Surface Force Apparatus, J.N. Isrealachvili and A.D. Berman
    Adhesion Studies Using Scanning Probe Microscopy, O. Marti
    Atomic-Scale Friction Studies Using Scanning Probe Microscopy, U.D. Schwarz and H. Hölscher
    Friction, Scratching/Wear, Indentation, and Lubrication Using Scanning Probe Microscopy, B. Bhushan
    Molecular Dynamic Simulations, M.O. Robbins
    Solid Tribological Materials and Coatings, B. Bhushan, A. Erdemir, and K. Holmberg
    Metals and Ceramics, K. Kato and K. Adachi
    Solid Lubricants and Self-Lubricating Solids, A. Erdemir
    Tribological Properties of Metallic and Ceramic Coatings, K. Holmberg and A. Matthews
    Tribology of Diamond, Diamond-Like Carbon and Related Films, C. Donnet and A. Erdemir
    Self Assured Monolayers for Controlling Hydrophobicity and/or Friction and Wear, B. Bhushan
    Mechanical and Tribological Requirements and Evaluation of Coating Composites, S. Hogmark, S. Jaocbson, M. Larsson, and N. Axen
    Tribology of Industrial Components and Systems, B. Bhushan and S. Hsu
    Tribological Components - Sliding Bearings, D.E. Brewe
    Tribological Components - Rolling Element Bearings, X. Ai and C.A. Moyer
    Tribological Components - Gears, H.S. Cheng
    Tribological Components - Rotary Dynamic Seals, R. Salant
    Space Tribology, W.R. Jones and M.J. Jansen
    Automotive Tribology, A. Kapoor, S. Tung, S.E. Schwattz, M. Priest, and R. Dwyer-Joyce
    Diesel Engine Tribology, M.G. Naylor, P. Kodali, and J.C. Wang
    Railroad Tribology, A. Kapoor, M. Ishida, K.J. Sawley, and F. Schmid
    Earthmoving Equipment Tribology, J.A. Hawk and R.D. Wilson
    Marine Equipment Tribology, S.R. Schmid and K.J. Schmid
    Tribology in Manufacturing, S.R. Schmid and W.R.D. Wilson
    Macro- and Microtribology of Magnetic Storage Devices, B. Bhushan
    Macro- and Microtribology of MEMS Materials, B. Bhushan
    Mechanics and Tribology of Flexible Media in Information Processing Systems, R.C. Benson and E. Mockensturm
    Biomedical Applications Tribology, J. Fischer
    Technology for Machinery Diagnosis and Prognosis, R.D. Cowan and W.O. Winer
    Glossary of Terms in Tribology, F.E. Kennedy and P.J. Blau
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    Bharat Bhushan