Modern Tunneling Science And Technology : Volume 1 book cover
1st Edition

Modern Tunneling Science And Technology
Volume 1

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ISBN 9789026518614
Published January 1, 2001 by CRC Press
628 Pages

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Book Description

This book discusses the science and technology of tunneling for the 21st Century. It includes topics related to planning, geological and environmental investigations, as well as the maintenance and the longevity of tunnels.

Table of Contents

Part I: Keynote Lectures 1. Safety Aspects of the Lötschberg Railway Tunnel & Mont-Blanc Road Tunnel 2. On the fundamental mechanism of tunneling 3. Flexible Response to Difficult Ground and Controlled Tunnelling Technology 4. Design Method of Shield Tunnel -Present Status and Subjects 5. The Rehabilitation of Tunnel Structures 6. Underground Space Networks in the 21st Century: New Infrastructure with Modal Shift Technology and Geotechnology Part II: Mechanism of tunneling 7. Optimal shape of underground structure 8. An approximate solution for the stresses on a rigid tunnel 9. Surface displacements due to pressure modifications induced by tunnels 10. Short and long-term load conditions for tunnels in low permeability ground in the framework of the convergence-confinement method 11. 3-D FEM Analysis for Layered Rock Considering Anisotropy of Shear Strength 12. A consideration on apparent cohesion of unsaturated sandy soil 13. Identification of the soil parameters in the analysis of a shallow tunnel 14. A simple technique to improve the prediction of surface displacement profiles due to shallow tunnel construction 15. Numerical modeling of a nonlinear deformational behavior of a tunnel with shallow depth 16. Prediction of ground settlements due to tunneling in clayey soils using advanced constitutive soil models: a numerical study 17. Analysis of Three-dimensional Effect of Tunnel Face Stability on Sandy Ground with a Clay Layer by the Three-dimensional Rigid Plastic Finite Element Method 18. Hydraulic conductivity change around tunnel due to excavation 19. Displacement measurement in a two-dimensional tunneling experiment. 20. Centrifugal model test on the clay arching 21. Arching effects on the deformation of sandy ground induced by tunneling 22. Numerical simulation of centrifuge test of trapdoor by 3-D FEM 23. Earth pressure and ground movements due to tunneling - model tests and analyses 24. Experimental study on the distribution of earth pressure through three-dimensional trapdoor tests 25. Behaviour of a tunnel face reinforced by bolts : Influence of the soil/bolt interface 26. 3-D energy damage model for bolted rockmass and its application in a tunnel engineering 27. Centrifuge model test of tunnel face reinforcement by bolting 28. Development of MGF Method Based on the Evaluation of Forepiling Supporting Mechanism 29. Experimental study on tunneling in the ground with inclined layers and its simulation 30. Study on the strength enhancement theory of surrounding rock by bolting 31. An experimental study on the nonuniform tunnel lining Part III: Field measurements, monitoring, geophysics and site characterization 32. Seismic Prospecting in Underground Excavation to Investigate the Behavior of Surrounding Bedrock 33. Evaluation of the geological condition ahead of the tunnel face by geostatistical techniques using TBM driving data 34. Application of CSAMT monitoring method and observational construction management to mountain tunnel 35. Nondestructive survey of shallow underground by electromagnetic method 36. A study on the evaluation of in-situ rock conditions by the tomographic method in tunnel geological investigations 37. Systems for forward prediction of geological condition ahead of the tunnel face 38. Deep excavation in Bangkok-characterization, measurement and prediction 39. Rock response during construction of cavern station at Bagatza (Metro Bilbao) 40. Excavation monitoring of a large cross section tunnel underpassing an existing railway 41. Evaluation of the load on a shield tunnel lining in gravel 42. Tunnel Convergence Measurement using Vision Metrology 43. Sequential application of several survey systems in tunnelling for ground classifications 44. Application of Several Electric Resistivities of Rock Masses for Tunnel Supporting Design 45. Development and Application of Seismic Reflection Survey Looking Ahead of Tunnel Face using Hydraulic Impactor 46. Application of CCD Photogrammetry System to Measurement of Tunnel Wall Movement due to Parallel Tunnel Excavation 47. Semi-automated tunnel measurement by vision metrology using coded-targets 48. Development of vision metrology combined with auxiliary observations for tunnel profile measurement 49. Assessment of grouting effect in rockmass using borehole jack tests 50. Rock stress measurement using the compact conical-ended borehole overcoring (CCBO) technique 51. Blast Vibration Monitoring and Control of Twin Tunnels with Small Spacing 52. The monitoring result and consideration of vertical closed tunnels 53. Study on the tunnel load generation mechanism of twin tunnel 54. Determination of the horizontal subgrade reaction coefficient for the backside of shoring systems in clayey soil Part IV: Maintenance of tunnel structures 55. Detection of Cracks on Tunnel Concrete Lining with Electric Conductible Paint 56. Soundness investigation of tunnel concrete by core sampling 57. Comprehensive Safety Inspections of Sanyo Shinkansen Tunnels 58. A New Non-Destructive Testing Method for Crack and Its Application to Tunnel Structure 59. Development of new grouting material for tunnel rehabilitation 60. A fundamental study on dynamic response of tunnel reinforcement structure for high speed railway 61. Damage to mountain tunnels by earthquake and its mechanism 62. The tunnelling at the crush zone in the Sanbagawa Metamorphic Belt 63. Maintenance of the Undersea Section of the Seikan Tunnel Part V: Design and construction of mountain tunnels 64. A proposal of new rock mass classification for tunneling 65. Rock mass classifications study with the neural network theory 66. Rock Support Design for Tunnelling in Nepal Himalayan region (With a Case study of Khimti I Hydropower Project, 60 MW) 67. Assessment of Susceptibility of Rock Bursting in Tunnelling in Hard Rocks 68. Design of large scale road tunnel based on the behavior of discontinuous rock mass -Ritto Tunnel 69. Behavior of mountain tunnel with large cross section in earth ground 70. Simplified behavior models of tunnel faces supported by shotcrete and bolts 71. Simulation Analysis on Deformation of Soft Rockmass Due to Excavation of Tunnel 72. Behavior of tunnels built in sedimentary rocks with joints dominant in one direction 73. Research of Observational Method on the Groundwater in the Tunnel Approach Crossing 74. Main considerations on UDEC modeling of tunnel excavations and supports 75. Analysis on Tunnel Lining Deformation and Effect of Counter-measures for Earth Pressure 76. Theory and practice of tunnel lining design 77. Experimental study on static behavior of road tunnel lining 78. Applicability of steel fiber reinforced high-strength shotcrete to a squeezing tunnel 79. Use of Electric Gradient to Increase Shotcrete Early Age Strength 80. Influence of Invert Construction Procedure on the Deformation And Internal Force of Tunnel Lining 81. Efficient TBM Driving by Observational Construction Management 82. Study on the application of a large TBM to Hida Highway Tunnel 83. Constructing a Tunnel through the Embankment of National Road No. 4 Using the AGF Method 84. Ground reinforcement for a tunnel in weathered soil layer beneath Han riverbed in Korea 85. Stability and water leakage of hard rock subsea tunnels 86. Development of long face reinforcement method with GFRP tubes 87. Study on effect and evaluation of auxiliary methods for mountain tunneling in weak ground 88. Numerical evaluation of environmental impact on surrounding ground water by tunnel excavation 89. Back analysis for the bolted gate by coupling method of FEM and BEM 90. Application of back analysis in assessing the stability of an Indian tunnel 91. Predicting surface settlement at shallow tunnels using Gompertz's curve as a stress release curve 92. Deformation and stability analysis of rectangular tunnel in soft rock ground using a strain softening type elasto-plastic model 93. Study on tunnel design and construction method for New Tomei-Meishin Expressway 94. Construction Work of Yamba Tunnel TBM Test Section 95. External water pressure on lining of tunnels in mountain area 96. Slope failure at tunnel entrance due to excavation and its countermeasure 97. Design and construction of tunnel through counterweight fill 98. Causes of Primary Crusher Conveyor Tunnel Failure in Sar Cheshmeh Copper Mine in Iran 99. Study on the construction and design method of bolting support in coal roadway 100. Rapid excavation for small section tunnel using TBM 101. The use of neurofuzzy modeling for performance prediction of tunnel boring machines 102. Construction of Kamosaka Tunnel by the NARAI Excavation System 103. Development of low noise and vibration tunneling methods using slot by single hole continuous drilling 104. Experimental Study on Rock Cutting by Use of Actual Size Disc Cutter with Round Tip 105. Establishment of ventilation design method for New Tomei-Meishin Expressway Tunnels

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