Modern Vibrations Primer  book cover
1st Edition

Modern Vibrations Primer

ISBN 9780849320385
Published December 2, 1999 by CRC Press
440 Pages

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Book Description

Modern Vibrations Primer provides practicing mechanical engineers with guidance through the computer-based problem solving process. The book illustrates methods for reducing complex engineering problems to manageable, analytical models. It is the first vibrations guide written with a contemporary approach for integration with computers.

Ideal for self-study, each chapter contains a helpful exposition that emphasizes practical application and builds in complexity as it progresses. Chapters address discrete topics, creating an outstanding reference tool. The lecture-like format is easy to read. The primer first promotes a fundamental understanding, then advances further to problem solving, design prediction and trouble shooting. Outdated and theoretical material isn't covered, leaving room for modern applications such as autonomous oscillations, flow-induced vibrations, and parametric excitation

Until recently, some procedures , like arbitrarily-damped, multi-dimensional problems, were impractical. New methods have made them solvable, using PC-based matrix calculation and algebraic manipulation. Modern Vibrations Primer shows how to utilize these current resources by putting problems into standard mathematical forms, which can be worked out by any of a number of widely employed software programs. This book is necessary for any professional seeking to adapt their vibrations knowledge to a modern environment.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Resources
Formulation of Translational Systems and Review of Units
Formulation of Rotational Systems and Review of Second Moments
Undamped Free Vibration and Static Deflection
Energy Methods for Natural Frequency with an Introduction to Hamiltonian Methods
Approximations for Distributed Systems and Hydrodynamic Inertia
Periodic Force Excitation of Undamped Systems and Review of Numerical Fourier Analysis
Unbalance Excitation and Rotating Shafts
Damped Free Vibration and Logarithmic Decrement
Formulation of Damping Terms and Hereditary Damping
Periodic Excitation of Damped Systems and Forces at the Base
Base Excitation and Dynamic Instrumentation
Unbalance Excitation of Damped Systems and Forces at the Base
Transients by Convolution
Shock Spectra and Similitude
Transients by Simulation
Transients by Integral Transforms
Random Vibrations and Statistical Concepts
Two-Directional Motion and Principal Coordinates
Multi-Mass Systems from Newton's Law
Combined Translation and Rotation and Mass Coupling
Lagrangian Methods and Equivalent Coupling
Flexibility Formulation and Estimation Methods
Forced Excitation and Modal Analysis
Damped Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Systems and State-Variable Formulations
Whirling and Damping
Transfer Matrices and Finite Elements
Tensioned Strings and Threadlines
Pressure and Shear Waves, and Special End Conditions
Continuous Media and Acoustic Measurements
Beam Vibrations and Approximate Methods
Column Vibrations and Rails and Pipes
Modal Analyzers and Cross-Spectra
Time-Varying Coefficients and Mathieu's Equation
Linearization and Error Analysis
The Phase Plane and Graphical Solutions
Analytical Solution and Elliptic Integrals
Pseudo-Linearization and Equivalent Damping
Series Expansion and Subharmonics
Numerical Simulation and Chaos
Vibration Control, Active and Semi-active
Flow-Induced Vibrations and Flow Instabilities
Literature Searches

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"The author illustrates methods for reducing complex engineering problems to manageable analytical models."
--Mechanical Engineering