1st Edition

Modulated Coding for Intersymbol Interference Channels

By Xiang-Gen Xia Copyright 2001

    A study of modulated coding (MC), a technique for intersymbol interference (ISI) mitigation. It discusses MC when the ISI is known at both transmitter and receiver, and when only the receiver knows the ISI. It showcases polynomial antiquity resistant modulated coding, and provides an examination of transmitter-assisted ISI equalization.

    Modulated codes - fundamentals and coding gain; joint maximum-likelihood encoding and decoding; modulated code coded decision feedback equalizer; capacity and information rates for modulated code coded intersymbol interference channels; space-time modulated coding for memory channels; modulated code coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems; polynomial ambiguity resistant modulated codes for blind ISI mitigation; characterization and construction of polynomial ambiguity resistant modulated code design; conclusions and some open problems; some fundamentals on multirate filterbank theory.


    Xiang-Gen Xia