1st Edition

Molecular Approaches in Plant Abiotic Stress

Edited By Rajarshi Kumar Gaur, Pradeep Sharma Copyright 2014
    430 Pages 21 Color & 14 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    Plants under abiotic stress are those suffering from drought, extreme temperatures, flood and other natural—but non-living—factors. Abiotic stress is responsible for reduced yields in several major crops, and climate change is focusing research in this area. To minimize cellular damage cause by such stresses, plants have evolved complex, well coordinated adaptive responses that operate at the transcriptional level. Understanding these processes is key to manipulating plant performance to withstand stress. This book deals with the role of gene silencing in the adaptation of plants to these stresses, and documents the molecular regulatory systems for the abiotic response.

    Genes ppdandVrn as Components of Molecular - Genetic System of Wheat Regulation Resistance (Triticumaestivum L.) to Abiotic Stress, O.A. Avksentyeva and V.V. Zhmurko
    Plant WRKY Gene Family And Its Response to Abiotic Stress, Siddanagouda S. Biradar, Pingchuan Deng and Song Weining
    Induced Tolerance and Priming for Abiotic Stress in Plants, Ines Ben Rejeb, LiviaAtauri Miranda, MélanieCordier, and Brigitte Mauch-Mani
    Roles of Hsp70 in Plant Abioticstress, VeronikaDoubnerová and Helena Ryšlavá
    Potential Role of Small RNAs during Stress in Plants, O. P. Gupta and P. Sharma
    DeepSuperSAGE in a Friendly Bioinformaticapproach:Identifying Molecular Targets Responding to Abiotic Stress in Plants, Éderson Akio Kido, José Ribamar Ferreira Neto, Suzana de AragãoBritto Kido, ValescaPandolfi, and Ana Maria Benko-Iseppon
    Regulation of Translation as Response to Abiotic Stress, SiraEchevarría Zomeño, BorjaBelda-Palazón, M. Mar Castellano, and Alejandro Ferrando
    Metabolomics and Its Role to Study Plant Abiotic Stress Responses, Divya Gupta and Ajeet Singh
    Molecular Approaches for Plant Transcription Factor Characterization, MuriloSiqueiraAlves and Luciano Gomes Fietto
    New Insights in the Functional Genomics of Plants Responding to Abiotic Stress, AvinashMarwal, Anurag Kumar Sahu, and Rajarshi Kumar Gaur
    Cold stress Signaling and Tolerance in Rice, GuoshengXieandRyozo Imai
    Mathematical Modelling for Investigation of Plant Cold Tolerance, Thomas Nägele and Arnd G. Heyer
    Physiological, Biochemical and Molecular Mechanisms of Drought Tolerance in Plants, Rohit Joshi and Ratna Karan
    Proteomic Analyses of Alterations In Plant Proteome Under Drought Stress, Ansuman Roy
    AREB/ABF Proteins are Master Transcription Factors That Mediate Aba-Dependent Gene Regulation During Water-Stress, María Noelia Muñiz García and Daniela Andrea Capiati
    Root studies for Drought Tolerance in Wheat, Sonia Sheoran, Mamrutha H.M, Virender Singh, and Anita Meena
    Abiotic Stress in Lotus: Aluminum And Drought, Peter Pal'ove-Balang, Marco Betti, Pedro Díaz, Carmen M. Pérez-Delgado, Margarita GarcíaCalderón, Jorge Monza, and Antonio J. Márquez
    Genes Regulated in Plants Under Salt Stress, SávioPinho dos Reis, Aline Medeiros Lima, and Cláudia Regina Batista de Souza
    Molecular Aspects of Crop Response to Abiotic Stress with an Emphasis on Drought and Salinity, AbazarRajabi, Eric Ober, PeymanNorouzi, KhadijeRazavi, SaeedSadeghzadeHemayati, and SeyedYaghoubSadeghian
    Plant-Arthropod Interactions Affected by Water Deficit Stress and Soil Salinity through Association with Changes in Plant Free Amino Acid Accumulations, Allan T. Showler
    Hydrogen Sulfide as a Potent Regulator of Plant Abiotic Stress Responses, Vasileios Fotopoulos, Anastasis Christou, and George Manganaris
    Multifaceted Role of Glutathione in Environmental Stress Management, Sharmila Chattopadhyay


    Gaur, Rajarshi Kumar; Sharma, Pradeep