Molecular Endocrinology : Genetic Analysis of Hormones and their Receptors book cover
1st Edition

Molecular Endocrinology
Genetic Analysis of Hormones and their Receptors

ISBN 9781003076926
Published July 25, 2020 by Garland Science
280 Pages

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Book Description

This volume in the Human Molecular Genetics series is an invaluable text for endocrinologists wishing to update their knowledge. It also provides an excellent grounding in the basic genetics of molecular endocrinology and relevant analytical techniques.

Table of Contents

Contributors -- Abbreviations -- Single-letter codes for amino acids Preface -- 1 Basis of gene structure and function. S.M. Farrow -- Introduction -- Gene transcription to polypeptide synthesis -- Gene transcription -- Regulation of gene transcription -- Post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression -- Translational regulation -- Concluding remarks -- References -- 2 Molecular analysis of gene structure and function. P.M. Brickell -- Introduction -- Detecting mutations in genes -- Analysing the regulation of gene expression -- Molecular ‘fingerprinting’ of DNA and RNA populations -- Isolating differentially expressed genes by subtractive hybridization -- Analysing gene function in transgenic mice -- Identifying protein-protein interactions -- Conclusion -- References -- 3 Mechanism of action of peptide hormones. S. Barker -- Introduction -- Receptor protein structure-function relationships -- Signal transduction pathways -- Regulation of the response -- Future perspectives -- References -- 4 The steroid hormone superfamily of receptors. VK.K. Chatterjee, R.J. Clifton-Bligh and C. Matthews -- Introduction -- Structure-function relationships in nuclear receptors -- Nuclear hormone receptor mutations and disease -- Nuclear receptor knockouts -- Conclusions -- References -- 5 Molecular insights into mechanisms regulating glucose homeostasis. PR. Shepherd -- Introduction -- The role of the endocrine pancreas -- The role of liver, muscle and adipose tissue in the regulation of glucose homeostasis -- Role of insulin-signalling pathways in maintaining glucose homeostasis -- Integration of the individual components regulating glucose homeostasis -- Conclusion -- References -- 6 PTHrP in calcium homeostasis. T.J. Martin and M. T. Gillespie -- Introduction -- Hypercalcaemia in cancer - the role of PTHrP -- Characterization of PTHrP -- The PTHrP gene -- Regulation of PTHrP expression -- PTH, PTHrP and calcium receptors -- Tissue distribution of PTHrP - its functions as a cytokine -- PTHrP and placental calcium transport -- PTHrP in lactation -- PTHrP in bone -- Receptor-related genetic disorders -- References -- 7 Molecular biology of growth. W.R. Baumbach, B. Bingham and -- JR. Zysk -- The growth hormone axis -- The hypothalamic hormones GRF and SRIF and their receptors -- GH -- GH receptors and binding proteins -- IGF-I, its receptor and binding proteins -- Concluding remarks -- References -- 8 Molecular biology of steroid biosynthesis. G. Rumsby -- Introduction -- The enzymes -- Regulation of steroidogenesis -- Developmental regulation of steroidogenesis -- Conclusion -- References -- 9 Genetics of hypertension and the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system. PC. White -- Introduction -- Angiotensinogen -- Steroid 11 (3-hydroxylase isozymes -- llp-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase -- The amiloride-inhibitable epithelial sodium channel -- References -- 10 Sex differentiation, gonadal development and reproductive function.G.S. Conway -- Introduction -- Sex differentiation and gonadal development -- The hormonal control of reproductive function -- Conclusions -- References -- Index.

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Department of Molecular Pathology, Windeyer Institute of Medical Sciences, London, UK. Department of Medicine, UCL Medical School, Middlesex Hospital, London, UK.