1st Edition

Molecular Genetics of Drug Resistance

By John D. Hayes, C.Roland Wolf Copyright 1997
    422 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Drug resistance is a growing problem in today's society. Successful drugs are constantly being developed but there is always the risk that a small percent of the drug's target will be immune. These survivors can then lead to a new population, resistant to the action of this drug. New drugs are continuously under development to combat this problem, but these can, in turn, lead to new resistant populations. This problem is universal whether the target is to destroy a deadly virus, or an insect which is ravaging crop production. Development of new drugs is difficult and time consuming so it is of crucial importance that we understand the processes behind drug resistance. "Molecular Genetics of Drug Resistance" forms a vital and timely review of the genetic processes behind drug resistance. Starting with an overview of the area, each chapter focuses on a particular target with important sections on drug resistance in malaria and in cancer. Each chapter has been written by an acknowledged expert in the field and the careful work of the editors has ensured a consistent approach and presentation. 

    Natural selection and drug resistance; drug and pesticide resistance in fungi; viral drug resistance; herbicide resistance; drug resistance in insects; the mechanisms of drug action and resistance in malaria; multidrug resistance in mammalian cells mediated by members of the ATP-binding cassette superfamily; drug resistance in cancer chemotherapy; oxidative stress responses in mammalian cells; modulation and circumvention of drug resistance.


    John D. Hayes, C. Roland Wolf, Biomedical Research Centre, University of Dundee, UK.