1st Edition

Molecular Pathology

By Antoni Horst Copyright 1991

    This book provides modern views of developments in medical sciences based on advances in molecular pathology. Topics discussed include the molecule; the genome of eukaryotes and its function; gene regulation; the proteins; molecular aspects of inflammation, immunology, and carcinogenesis; molecular biology of the nervous system; molecular defects in the endocrine system; molecular diseases of the blood and blood-forming tissues; and diagnosis of molecular diseases. Four tables and 75 figures illustrate the concepts and provide a quick means to reference important data. Immunologists, pathologists, geneticists, and all other researchers in the biological and medical sciences will find a wealth of information in this ground-breaking new book.

    1. Introduction 2. The Molecule: Anatomy and Physiology 3. The Genome of Eukaryotes and Its Function 4. Gene Regulation 5. The Proteins 6. Molecular Bases of Cell Differentiation 7. The Molecular Structures of the Eukaryotic Cell 8. Mutation 9. The Pathology of Globin Molecules 10. The Molecular Aspects of Inflammation 11. The Molecular Aspects of Immunology 12. Molecular Aspects of Carcinogenesis 13. Molecular Biology of the Nervous System 14. Molecular Defects in the Endocrine System 15. Molecular Diseases of the Blood and Blood-Forming Tissues 16. Molecular Mechanisms of Metabolic Diseases 17. Pharmacogenetics 18. Diagnosis of Molecular Diseases


    Antoni Horst