1st Edition

Molecular Plant Virology Volume I: Virus Structure and Assembly and Nucleic Acid-Protein Interactions

By Jeffrey W. Davis Copyright 1985

    In calling this series Molecular Plant Virology, I had in mind aspects of plant virology of interest to biochemists, molecular geneticists, biophysicists, genetic engineers, or, collectively,molecular biologists. At the same time, the intention was to provide up-to-date reviews, by expert contributors, on current research topics in plant virology of interest and referential use to virologists and plant biologists. The selected topics are pitched mainly at a research level, but with sufficient introduction and cross-referencing to enable graduate students to enter this fascinating field and, hopefully, not get lost.

    1. The Development and Application of Electron Microscopy to the Structure of Isolated Plant 2. Structure and in Vitro Assembly of Tobacco Mosaic Virus 3. Structure and in Vitro Assembly of Papaya Mosaic Virus 4. Structure and Vitro Assembly of Southern Bean Mosaic Virus, in Relation to that Other Small Spherical Plant Viruses 5. Interaction of Alfalfa Mosaic Virus Nucleic Acid and Protein.


    Jeffrey W. Davis