1st Edition

Monetary Reform in Theory and Practice (Routledge Revivals)

ISBN 9780415819404
Published November 11, 2014 by Routledge
360 Pages

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Book Description

First published in 1936, this book gives the reader an insight into the tendencies and spirit of the monetary reform movement as a whole, as accomplished or proposed since the First World War. The author marks the consideration of the overall reform as being more important than specifically looking at the actual proposals and measures involved, and the views he attributes to the various monetary reform schools are therefore composite views of the various factions of those schools. As a comparatively recent convert to the idea of monetary reform, at the time of writing, the author offers a balanced view of the subject as he also has extensive experience of the ideas of the orthodox monetary system. However, he does not believe that monetary reform alone can achieve the desired end without considerable economic planning. Indeed, he suggests that the monetary reform movement he discusses desperately needs to adopt a broader perspective and thus, he suggests a compromise.

Table of Contents

Preface;  1. Introductory  2. The Automatic System  3. Can Money Be Abolished  4. Demand for Monetary Reform  5. Post-War Reforms  6. Reform Movements and the Crisis  7. Monetary Reform During the Crisis  8. Policy of Cheap Money  9. Cheap Money and the Crisis  10. The Credit Expansionist School  11. Credit Expansion During the Crisis  12. Purchasing Power Expansion  13. Purchasing Power Expansion During the Depression  14. The Spending School  15. Spending Policy During the Depression  16. Managed Currency  17. Managed Gold Standard  18. Managed Paper Currency  19. Monetary Management During the Depression  20. Elastic Gold Standard  21. The "Rubber Dollar" in Practice  22. Alterable Gold Parities  23. Forward Exchange Operations by Central Banks  24. Official Forward Exchange Operations  25. Drastic devaluation  26. A Commodity Standard  27. Bimetallism  28. The American Bimetallism Experiment  29. Consistent Deflation  30. Consistent Deflation in Practice  31. Negative Interest Rate  32. Dual Systems of currency  33. Dual currencies in Practice  34. International Co-operation  35. International Co-operation in Practice  36. The Exchange Clearing System  37. Exchange clearing in Practice  38. Monetary Isolation  39. Monetary Isolation in Practice  40. Co-ordination of Reform Schemes  41. Monetary v. Economic reform  42. Political aspects of Monetary Reform  43. Moral Aspects of Monetary Reform  44. The Future of Monetary Reform;  Index

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