1st Edition

Mongolia Today

Edited By Shirin Akiner Copyright 1991

    First published in 1991 Mongolia Today presents a collection of essays by leading scholars in the field and gives important insights into the economic, political, legal and military systems of Mongolia. The Mongolian People's Republic, formerly known as ‘Outer Mongolia’, is three times the size of France but has population of just two million. Sandwiched between Russia and China, this remote heartland of Asia has long been one of the most inaccessible places in the world, its isolation preserved by political as well as geographical barriers. The modern history of Mongolia has been dominated by its two great neighbours: strong economic and political ties with the erstwhile Soviet Union and problematic relations with China. Relations with the West have been slow to develop. Post-cold war, Mongolia is willing to explore new relationships with other parts of the world and transform this once isolated land into a trading partner of international potential. This is an essential read for scholars and researchers of Central Asian studies, Asian politics, and Chinese studies.

    Foreword Acknowledgements Notes on Transliteration Abbreviations Introduction S. Akiner Mongolia- Fact File S. Akiner Chronological Table Location Maps 1. Prelude: The Problems of Writing Mongolian History D.D. Morgan 2. Mongolia and the Mongolians: An Overview C. R. Bawden 3. Between the Kremlin and the Forbidden City T. N. Haining 4. ‘Restructuring’ and ‘Openness’ A. Sanders 5. Law Reform in Mongolia W. E. Butler 6. Economic Developments M. Kaser 7. Foreign Trade- I. Trade and Corporation with Mongolia J.G. Evans II. Finance for Trade and Investment N.L.M. Wolfers 8. The Mongolian People’s Army: Military Auxiliary and Political Guardian M. Milivojevic 9. Mongolian Buddhism: A Defensive Account B. Siklos 10. The Shamanism of the Mongols M.D. Even 11. The Development of Education in Mongolia D. Pritchatt 12. The Decorative and Applied Art of Mongolia, Traditional and Contemporary K. Chabros Select Bibliography Bibliographical Notes


    Shirin Akiner