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Monitoring Change in Education: Monitoring Change in Education

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Change is a key characteristic of the worlds of business, education and industry and the rapidity of change underlines an urgent need to analyze, evaluate and, where appropriate, correct its direction. The series is aimed at contributing to this analysis. Its unique contribution consists of making sense of changes in education and in offering a timely and considered response to new challenges; the series, therefore, focuses on contemporary issues and does so with academic rigour.

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Globalisation, Education and Culture Shock

Globalisation, Education and Culture Shock

1st Edition

By Stan Gunn, Cedric Cullingford
June 29, 2017

How has globalisation affected educational thought and practice? This volume presents a fascinating exploration of the impact of globalisation on education. The authors consider the changes - sometimes subtle, sometimes revolutionary - that arise when ideas, practices and experiences are discussed...

Professional Development and Institutional Needs

Professional Development and Institutional Needs

1st Edition

By Gillian Trorey, Cedric Cullingford
May 11, 2017

The tension between institutional needs and those of the individual has rarely been higher. Increasing demands on institutions to deliver set targets and value for money whilst adhering to set expectations and external constraints has led to an erosion of the notion of staff development. This ...

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