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Monuments and Landscape in Atlantic Europe Perception and Society During the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age

Edited By Chris Scarre Copyright 2002
    ISBN 9780415273145
    224 Pages
    Published May 31, 2002 by Routledge

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    224 Pages
    Published June 14, 2002 by Routledge

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    Atlantic Europe is the zone par excellence of megalithic monuments, which encompass a wide range of earthen and stone constructions from inpressive stone circles to modest chambered tombs. A single basic concept lies behind this volume - that the intrinsic qualities encountered within the diverse landscapes pf Atlantic Europe both informed the settings chosen for the monuments and played a role in determining their form and visual appearance. Monuments and Landscape in Atlantic Europe goes significantly beyond the limits of existing debate by inviting archaeologists from different countries with the Atlantic zone (including Britain, France, Ireland, Spain and Sweden) to examine the relationship between landscape features and prehistoric monuments in their specialist regions. By placing the issue within a broader regional and intellectual context, the authors illustrate the diversity of current archaeological ideas and approaches converging around this central theme.

    Preface. Introduction: Situating Monuments: the Dialogue between Built Form and Landform in Atlantic Europe Chris Scarre Part I: Atlantic Iberia: 1. Standing Stones and Natural Outcrops: the Role of Ritual Monuments in the Neolithic Tansition of the Central Alentejo Manuel Calado 2. Castanheiro do Vento and the Significance of Monumental Copper Age Sites in Northern Portugal Vítor Oliveira Jorge, Jaão Muralha Cardoso, António Sá Coixão & Leonor Sousa Pereira 3. The Architecture of the Natural World: Rock Art in North-West Iberia Lara Bacelar Alves Part II: Atlantic France 3. The Perception of Space and Geometry: Megalithic Monuments of West-Central France in their Relationship to the Landscape Luc Laporte, Roger Joussame & Chris Scare 4. Coast and Cosmos: the Neolithic Monuments of Northern Brittany Chris Scarre Part III: Britain and Ireland 5. All Cultural Things: Actual and Conceptual Monuments in the Neolithic of Western Britain Vicki Cummings 6. The Land, the Sky and the Scottish Stone Circle Richard Bradley 7. Knocknarea: the Ultimate Monument. Megaliths and Mountains in Neiolithic Cúil Irra, North West Ireland Stefan Bergh 7. Megaliths in a Mythologised Landscape: South-west Ireland in the Iron Age William O'Brien Part IV: Scandinavia 8. Visible Intentions? Viewshed Analysis of Bronze Age Burial Mounds in Western Scania, Sweden Karin Ericson Lageras 9. Conclusion: Long Conversations Concerning Time, Descent and Place in the World


    Chris Scarre is deputy director of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Cambridge and specialises in the prehistory of Europe and the Mediterranean.

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