1st Edition

Moral Courage in Organizations Doing the Right Thing at Work

By Debra R. Comer, Gina Vega Copyright 2011
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    The topic of moral courage is typically missing from business ethics instruction and management training. But moral courage is what we need when workplace pressures threaten to compromise our values and principles. Moral Courage in Organizations: Doing the Right Thing at Work, edited by Debra Comer and Gina Vega, underscores for readers the ethical pitfalls they can expect to encounter at work and enhances their ability do what they know is right, despite these organizational pressures. The book highlights the effects of organizational factors on ethical behavior; illustrates exemplary moral courage and lapses of moral courage; explores the skills and information that support those who act with moral courage; and considers how to change organizations to promote moral courage, as well as how to exercise moral courage to change organizations. By giving readers who want to do the right thing guidelines for going about it, Moral Courage in Organizations: Doing the Right Thing at Work is a potent tool to foster more ethical organizational behavior.

    Part 1. The Organizational Pressures that Make Moral Courage Necessary

    1. A Short Primer on Moral Courage

    2. "But Everybody’s Doing It": Implications of the Cheating Culture for Moral Courage in Organizations

    3. The Personal Ethical Threshold

    Part 2. The Faces of Moral Courage

    4. How the Mighty Have Fallen

    5. For the Greater Good: The Moral Courage of Whistleblowers

    6. Faith and Moral Courage: Why a Sense of Calling Matters

    7. The Social Entrepreneur: Combining Head and Heart to Find Innovative Solutions to Local Problems

    8. NGO Leaders on the Edge: The Moral Courage to Fight for Human Rights

    Part 3. The Skills and Information that Enable Moral Courage

    9. Giving Voice to Values: Building Moral Competence

    10. Developing Professional Moral Courage: Leadership Lessons from Everyday Ethical Challenges in Today’s Military

    11. Stand Up and Be Counted: Legal Protections for Those Who Act with Moral Courage

    Part 4. Changing Organizations with Moral Courage

    12. Speaking Truth to Power: The Courageous Organizational Dissenter

    13. I Defy with a Little Help from My Friends: Raising an Organization’s Ethical Bar Through a Morally Courageous Coalition

    14. The Organizational Context of Moral Courage: Creating Environments that Account for Dual-Processing Models of Courageous Behavior

    Part 5. Integration

    15. What Have We Learned about Moral Courage in Organizations?


    Debra R. Comer, Gina Vega