1st Edition

Morality and Modernity

By Ross Poole Copyright 1991
    212 Pages
    by Routledge

    212 Pages
    by Routledge

    Ross Poole displays the social content of the various conceptions of morality at work in contemporary society, and casts a strikingly fresh light on such fundamental problems as the place of reason in ethics, moral objectivity and the distinction between duty and virtue.
    The book provides a critical account of the moral theories of a number of major philosophers, including Kant, Marx, Nietzsche, Habermas, Rawls, Gewirth and MacIntyre. It also presents a systematic critique of three of the most significant responses to modernity: liberalism, nationalism and nihilism. It takes seriously the suggestion that men and women are subject to different conceptions of morality, and places the issue of gender at the centre of moral philosophy.
    Poole has written a valuable addition to the Ideas series.

    Chapter 1 The Market and its Moralities; Chapter 2 Capitalism; Chapter 3 The Private Sphere; Chapter 4 Liberalism and Nihilism; Chapter 5 The Illusory Community; Chapter 6 Modernity and Madness; Chapter 7 Towards Morality;


    Ross Poole is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Macquarie University, Australia

    'Poole has written a remarkably insightful, lucid, and challenging book ... Important reading for professionals, students at all levels, and the educated public' - J.H. Riker, Colorado College