1st Edition

More Math Puzzles and Patterns for Kids Grades 2-4

By Kristy Fulton Copyright 2008
    56 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Move beyond the norm in your math classroom and challenge students to think critically with More Math Puzzles and Patterns for Kids, a new companion book to the popular Math Puzzles and Patterns for Kids. This book contains more of students' favorite puzzles and patterns, as well as a few new ones for students to explore. All of the mathematical activities in this book were chosen for their important role in mathematics' history.

    Like its predecessor, this book explores the hottest concepts in puzzle solving—math logic puzzles—while teaching students how to use reasoning to solve some of math's biggest conundrums: real-life patterns and puzzles such as Fibonacci's sequence, Sudoku puzzles, tangrams, Pascal's triangle, and magic squares. Students will sharpen their math skills while they learn the basic premises behind each challenging puzzle and then use the skills they have learned to solve multiple versions of each puzzle.

    Grades 2-4

    Teacher’s Guide Fibonacci Sequence The Golden Rectangle Pentagon Star The Binary Sequence Patterns in Multiplication Pascal’s Triangle Magic Triangles Magic Hexagon Magic Squares Latin Squares Sudoku The Eight Queens Puzzle The Rhind Papyrus Kirkman’s School Girl Problem Tangrams The Loculus of Archimedes What Have You Learned About Math? Evaluate Your Mathematic Skill Resources Extension Activities Answer Key About the Author


    Kristy Fulton has been teaching first grade for 14 years. She is also currently pursuing a master's degree in curriculum and instruction at the University of Texas-Arlington. She earned her B.A. in English from UT-Permian Basin in 1992. Kristy has been recognized twice as a Model Educator by Renaissance Learning, and has received two Classroom Innovation grants from First Choice Power Company.