1st Edition

Morgellon's Syndrome

By David Conroy Copyright 2010
    134 Pages
    by CRC Press

    134 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book demonstrates evidence of a new microorganism infecting a person complaining of a dermopathy and fibers spontaneously exiting the dermis who was diagnosed with delusional parasitosis. The organism is likely a fungus that lives beneath the epidermis with the ability to infect common fibers including cotton, feathers and hair follicles.

    Why the Investigation was Started
    Materials and Methodology
    Evidence not Recorded on Videotape
    The Phenomenon of the Disappearing Hair Follicles
    Particles Entering the Eyes
    Particles Exiting the Eyes
    A Substance that Transverses the Optic Globe
    The Irregular Iris
    Particles that Exit the Feet
    Particles that Enter the Feet
    The Microorganism Mobility‚ÄďAn Internal Propulsion System
    Green Feet Illuminate the Role of the Epidermis in the Life-Cycle of the Microorganism
    Coated Hairs under the Microscope
    The Micro Organism Possibly Growing on a Piece of Cocaine
    A Summary of the Observations
    The Structure of the Microorganism
    A Model Accounting for the Observed Phenomena
    Is There a Cure?
    Future Considerations: A Microorganism as an Etiology for Delusional Parasitosis


    David Conroy