1st Edition

Mothering Ideology, Experience, and Agency

    This volume presents a variety of unique perspectives on mothering as a socially constructed relationship, assessing many of the political, legal and cultural debates surrounding the issue.

    Preface; Chapter 1 Social Constructions of Mothering: A Thematic Overview, Evelyn Nakano Glenn; Part I Challenging Universalism: Diversity in Mothering; Chapter 2 Kinscripts: Reflections on Family, Generation, and Culture, Carol B. Stack, Linda M. Burton; Chapter 3 Shifting the Center: Race, Class, and Feminist Theorizing About Motherhood, Patricia Hill Collins; Chapter 4 Diverted Mothering: Representations of Caregivers of Color in the Age of “Multiculturalism”, Sau-ling C. Wong; Part II Ideology and the Construction of Motherhood; Chapter 5 An Angle of Seeing: Motherhood in Buchi Emecheta’s Joys of Motherhood and Alice Walker’s Meridian, Barbara Christian; Chapter 6 Look Who’s Talking, Indeed: Fetal Images in Recent North American Visual Culture, E. Ann Kaplan; Chapter 7 Beyond Mothers and Fathers: Ideology in a Patriarchal Society, Barbara Katz Rothman; Part III Decomposing Motherhood: Fusions and Dichotomies; Chapter 8 Mothers are not Workers: Homework Regulation and the Construction of Motherhood, 1948–1953, Eileen Boris; Chapter 9 Family Day Care Providers: Dilemmas of Daily Practice, Margaret K. Nelson; Chapter 10 Working at Motherhood: Chicana and Mexican Immigrant Mothers and Employment, Denise A. Segura; Part IV The Politics of Mothering: The Dialectics of Struggle and Agency; Chapter 11 Mothering Under Slavery in the Antebellum South, Stephanie J. Shaw; Chapter 12 Undocumented Latinas: The new “Employable Mothers”, Grace Chang; Chapter 13 Race and “Value”: Black and White Illegitimate Babies, 1945–1965, Rickie Solinger; Chapter 14 Biology and Community: The Duality of Jewish Mothering in East London, 1880–1939, Susan L. Tananbaum; Chapter 15 Negotiating Lesbian Motherhood: The Dialectics of Resistance and Accommodation, Ellen Lewin; Chapter 16 Feminist Perspectives on Mothering and Peace, Linda Rennie Forcey;


    Evelyn Nakano Glenn, Grace Chang, Linda Rennie Forcey

    "[Recommended] to those interested in how mothering is viewed through diverse eyes and constructed in varying circumstances." -- Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering