1st Edition

Mould's Medical Anecdotes Omnibus Edition

By R.F Mould Copyright 1996
    510 Pages
    by CRC Press

    510 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Mould's Medical Anecdotes: Omnibus Edition is a fabulous collection of anecdotes on the humorous, intriguing, unusual, mysterious, and historical aspects of medicine. It combines the hugely successful Mould's Medical Anecdotes and More Mould's Medical Anecdotes and includes a selection of more recently collected material. Dr. Mould searched newspapers, advertisements, case histories, monologues, and medical journals on both sides of the Atlantic for this treasure trove.

    King's Evil. A Royal Malady. Royal Baths. The King is Dead. Queen Anne's Oculist. Optician's Advertisement. Ivan the Terrible's Skeleton. Napoleon III's Bladder Stone. One of the Favourite Jokes of Suicidal Patients. A King as Dentist. Dentistry, 1523. The Guinea Jaw. Oliver Cromwell's Head. Head Shrinking. Why are the Heads of Men Hairy? Holes in Their Heads. The "Esau Lady". Traffic in Human Hair. The Brothers Tocci. Ear Surgery. The Safety Tomb. Irish Export Trade in Dead Bodies. Skeletons for Sale. Kuda Bax and the Indian Fire Walk. Letter on Corpulence. Spinach as a Source of Iron. The Human Dustbin. Self-Induced Excess Iron Therapy. Foreign Bodies. Curing Piles with Petrol. Early Medical X-Rays. Tavern of the Dead. The Sufferer. Medical Diploma. Marriage and X-Rays. Real and Fake Diamonds. The Madman's Will. Gas Bulb Surrounded by Profanity. Who Made the Hospital Kettle Radioactive? Early Medical Radium. Sir William Gull. Tutankhamun's Head. The Yin and the Yang. Circumcision, 2340 BC. Birth of Twins, 2340 BC. Medical Handwriting. Lead Poisoning in the Ancient World. Inheritance Pattern of Death. Life and Death of Mok the Gorilla. Internal Combustion. Surgical Instruments, 2340 Bc. Surgical Instruments, AD 1739. Siberian Shaman. Why the Pill's Success Rate is Low in Asia. American Indian Medicine Man. Mapuche Medicine Women. The 'Deceased' Left Funeral, Swearing. Theory of Evolution. Sex, Age and a Filippino General. The Skoptzy Sect. Advertisement of a Lancet Maker. Advertisement of a Man Midwife. Advertisement for Vermin Extirpation. The Wife's Refief or the Husband's Cure. Toxo-Absorbent, the Great Drugless Treatment. Cole's Patent Truss. Tobacco Therapy. Transmigrations of a Cow. Medical Spooks. Spark Coils and Spy Scares. Orders for Infirmary Inpatients, 1920. Shearer's Delineator. Morbidity in Assistants at Surgical Operations. An Artist, a Gun and a Cigarette. Saint Apollonia. A Bucket of Pills - and it's Help Yourself. Saint Cosmos and Saint Damian. Saint Blaise. Munchausen's Syndrome. Is Hypnotic History a Hoax? Caterpillar Erythema. Who is Least Likely to Develop Atheroschlerosis. Alligator Bite. Heart Disease as an Accident. The Genius of Claude Bernard. Dr Comicus Selling his Pills. Wat Po Traditional School of Medicine. Punk Rocker's Lung. The Wit of Oliver Gogarty. Glys-terpipe Fillpacket, Peregrino Mountebanko and Timothy Mouth. Was Sherlock Holmes a Drug Addict. Human Rocket. Tien-Sing, China. As Big as a Piece of Wood. The Hardier Sex. Fildes' 'The Doctor'. Medical Intelligence. The Blind Physician. New Diseases in 1982. Quack Medicines. Mr Port & Mrs Green. John St John Long. Unicorn's Horn. Moscow Case History, 1983. Andrew Lang on Statistics. Do Storks Bring Babies? Nurse and Patient in the Fourteenth Century. The Red Cross, 1870. Murder by Digits. Qualities Needed by a Roman Surgeon, 30 AD. Voltaire on Physicians. The Original Siamese Twins, Chang-Eng Bunker, 1811-74. Gorky Park and Gerasimov. King Philip of Macedon and the Manchester Mummies. Descartes and the Mind. The Irish Giant, the Sicilian Dwarf and the American Giant. The Wax Museum of Florence Univerity. Martin Luther on Medicine, Mathematics and Theology. A Plea for the Pigtail. Spanish Proverb. The Two-Headed Nightingale. Fire Damage. Barnum's Prize Ladies. Anecdote of Dr Cunningham. The Biddenden Maids. Trusses for Ruptures, 1734. Hippocratic Hoax. Anecdote of George James Guthrie, FRS, Army Surgeon to Wellington. Pliny on Doctors. Why Choose Anaesthetics or Dermatology? Excuses, Excuses! Surgeon's Hazards, Babylon, 1000 BC. Anecdote of Dr Gilmore and Dr Graham. God and the Doctor. Australian Medicine Man with Magic Healing Crystal. Physician's Fees in St Louis, 1829. Confucius on Medicine. An Opinion on Quacks, 1714. Cigars to Cure Bronchitis. Take a Wine-Moistened Topaz. Toothache in the Third Century AD? Oscar Wilde's Dying Words. Napoleon on Doctors. Medical Ants. Pour the Medicine over the Patient's Head! Remarkable Prevention of Poaching. Gravestone Inscription in America's Rural South. 'Sorry Sir, But What Your Wife Wants is Not Available on Prescription'. An Experiment with Rats. 'In my Spare Time I Shoe Horses'. Saint Who's? Caesarian Section by the Patient Herself. John Shaw Billings on Statistics. Somerset Maugham on Training. Childbirth in Sicily. Pompeian Surgery and Surgical Instruments. Cure for a Babylonian Hangover. The Carbolic Smoke Ball. Lott's Lung Pills. Removal of Stones from the Head. A Yorkshire Water Doctor. Eleven Blue Men. Old, Dog, New Tricks. A Barber Surgeon Operating in his office. The Indian Manner of Blood-Letting. Breathing a Vein. Rejects. Setting Limbs. Physician's Tombstone. French Proverb. Consultation with a Thirteenth-century Arab Physician. The Earliest Recorded Clinical Trial. Malingering. Milk Transfusion. Cow Pearl Jam. Gin Mania in London. Nicolas Copernicus and the Inception ofBread-Buttering. Irish Proverb. Medicinal Uses of Wine. Onion Incantation to Exorcise Sickness. The Oyster's Consolation. Biology Exam Howlers. Illustrations from a Twelfth-Century Medical Treatise. Anecdote of an Australian Professor of Physiology. Anecdote of a Roman Medical School, 80 AD. Anecdote of Nansen. Fission of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle into Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. Zip Answer to Stomach Problem. Prisoner Surprises the Police Taking Him to Jail. $10,000 Radium used to Cure Sing Sing Convict. The Medico-legal Significance of X-rays in the First Year after their Discovery. The Duc de Richelieu on Handwriting. Lord Palmerston's Last Words. Radiation Protection in 1910. A Specialist. Persian Anatomy. Philosophy. Varicose Veins in Ancient Greece. An Adult. George Washington's Medical Supplies. Derbes's Law. The Buck-Passing Machine. Seeking Health in Babylon. The Pigtail of Li-Fang-Fu. Camel Ambulance in Afghanistan. Koko for the Hair. It's not What you Write - It's the Way that you Write it. Is Graphology Accurate? Ask Lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington. Finger Reckoning in the Middle Ages. Metoposcopy: Observation of the Forehead. Charms against Teething. Charm against Nightmares. Rabbit Fights Back. Charm against Rheumatism. Suicide. Anointing. Leonardo's Last Supper. The Royal Wedding. Treatment of Political Prisoners Under a Liberal Government. How Diet Changes Your Personality. Medical English. When the Bull Beats the Matador. The Many Pains of Snoring. A Student's Criminals. An Old-Time Apothecary. The Aetiology and Treatment of Childhood. An Italian Quack. Anecdote of Field-Marshall Lord Montgomery. A Scheme of Mesmeric Therapy. Samuel Butler's Description of the Human Body. Anecdote of Sir Clement Price Thomas. Lettsom's Moral and Physical Thermometer. Impromptu speech. Anecdote of Virchow and Bismarck. The Dinner-plate Twins. Advertisement for a Surgeon-Dentist. Persian Wisdom. The Pestaule in Vienna. Miraculous Medical Properties of Russian Vodka. Abortions in Greece, January 1987. Eyewitness Account of the First Physician at the Scene of the Chernobyl Accident, 1986. Medical Papyri from Egypt. Most-sought-after Plant. Manioc is a Root of Good and Evil for the Third World. Charlatan Extracting Teeth. His First Operation: A Short Story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Mr Chamberlen's Secret. First Orbiting Space Mausoleum Okayed. Man Became Violent after Eating Crisps. Anatomical Rhyming Slang. The Death of John Partridge in 1708. Anecdote of the Earl of Shrewsbury and a Mouse. Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War Hospitals, 1854-6. A Dropped Catch - The Case of the Bouncing Baby. The Mystery of Byron's Corpse. Bathtub Elixir puts Estonian behind Bars. Capgras Syndrome. French X-Ray Finds a Screw Loose. Self-Inflicted Frontal Lobotomy. Almost-failed EEC Contraception. Premature Burial. Yellow Fever Experiment in Cuba. Vaccination. A Deaf Australian Magistrate. Sir Anthony Oyster. The Birth of Anaesthesia. Florence Nightingale as Medical Statistician, 1859-61. Plato on Hiccoughing. The Cannon Effect. Medicine in Ancient Egypt. Anecdote of Aesclepiades of Prusa. The First Whole-Body X-Ray. Meo Hill Tribe Doctor in Northern Thailand. Anatomical Comparisons by Rabelais. Jail Fever in Newgate. Diderot on Doctors. John Hunter on Operations. On Alcoholism. Witch from Brittany. Moscow Weddings. On Filling in Life Insurance Forms. Saint Pantaleon. On How to Start a Speech in the Apothecaries Hall. On Getting Matters into Perspective. Gin and Tonic. A Moralistic Story About Two Peasants, a Bird and a Cow. International Definitions of Heaven and Hell. The Frog. Sales Opportunities! Bulgarian Proverb. Irish Proverb. A Medical Demon from Angkor Wat. Confusion. Moscow Case History: 12 Year Follow Up. Hospital Department Noticeboards. Science According to Mark Twain. Anecdote of William Beaumont. An Expert as Defined by Nils Bohr. Cure for Crossed Eyes. Baoding Iron Balls and Jingluo Medicine. Fook-Luk-Shou. Autopsy on Lenin's Brain. Interview with Pierre Curie and 90 Years Later. Bizarre Claims for Radium. Hostetter's Celebrated Stomach Bitters. Father Murphy's Donkey. Statistics and Alcohol. Organization Charts. Vietnamese Cobra Tonic. Does Strategy Matter? Mayan Artefacts and the Turin Shroud: Is Microbiolgoy Better Than Carbon Dating? A Mexican Worm. Calf Fries in Texas. Wine and Women. Stalin and his Georgian Doctor: The Kipshidze File. Mice and a PhD Thesis. Japanese Medical Anecdotes of the Late 18th and Early 19th Centuries. A God Who Cures Nightmares and a God Who Can Cure All Diseases. Not the End? Index.


    Dick Mould was a hospital physicist and cancerstatistician at the Royal Marsden and Westminster Hospitals in London for 30 years. He is now 'retired' from the British National Health Service and travels the world full time as a consultantgiving courses on basic medical statistics (mainly to radiation oncology residents) in countries including the USA, Germany, France, japan, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland. In addition, he acts as a consultant to the World Health Organizationon matters relating to the Chernobyl accident and also lectures on the history of x-rays, Marie Curie,and ChernobyJ. He has written some 80 scientific papersand has written or edited some 40 books.

    "… You do not need to have this edition on your office desk but inside the drawer, within easy reach. It will be of great value and you will love it! … you may sit in your armchair for hours, smiling, laughing, and learning unusual things with astonishment. … You should buy the book, order another one as a gift for your friend(s) … you will get a lot of information, entertainment, and pleasure."
    -O. Pohlenz, European Radiology, Vol. 7, Issue 7, 1997

    Praise for the previous edition:
    "A delightful collection of medical quips, quirks, and quackeries."
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