Mount Laurel II is a historic state supreme court decision which mandates that all new residential development include housing for low- and moder­ate-income families.This study provides a rational approach to low-cost housing. Methods for defining housing market areas are given, as well as demand and supply projection techniques. Housing cost reduction alternatives and allocation approaches are detailed.It elaborates step-by-step methodologies with operational baselines, data framework, and alternative approaches.• The Potential of Zoning and Subdivision Controls• What Housing is Affordable - And by Whom• Fair Share Allocation Procedures

    Introduction and Organa nation, Summary of Findings, 1 The Definition of a Housing Region 2 Definition of the Mount Laurel Population: Present and Prospective Housing Demand 3 Socioeconomic and Housing Characteristics of the Present and Prospective Mount-Laurel Eligible Populations 4 Present and Prospective Mount Laurel Supply 5 Demand versus Supply- Unmet Mount Laurel Housing Need 6 Bridge Mechanisms to meet the Mount Laurel Mandate 7 An Introduction to the Fair Share Concept?


    Robert W. Burchell, W. Patrick Beaton, David Listokin