1st Edition

Mountain Biodiversity A Global Assessment

Edited By Ch. Korner, E.M. Spehn Copyright 2002
    350 Pages
    by Routledge

    350 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 2002, Mountain Biodiversity deals with the biological richness, function and change of mountain environments. The book was birthed from the first global conference on mountain biodiversity and was a contribution to the International Year of Mountains in 2002. The book examines biological diversity as essential for the integrity of mountain ecosystems and argues that this dependency is likely to increase as environmental climates and social conditions change. This book seeks to examine the biological riches of all major mountain ranges, from around the world and using existing knowledge on mountain biodiversity, examines a broad range of research in diversity, including that of plants, animals, human and bacterial diversity. The book also examines climate change and mountain biodiversity as well as land use and conservation.


    Part I: Introduction

    1 Mountain Biodiversity, its Causes and Function: An Overview, Christian Körner

    Part II: How Much Mountain Biodiversity is there and Why?

    2. Intraspecific Genetic Diversity in Alpine Plants, Irène Till-Bottrand and Myriam Gaudeul

    3. Causes and Consequence of Alpine Vascular Plant Diversity in the Rocky Mountains, William D. Bowman and Mary Damm

    4. Biodiversity of the Vascular Timberline Flora in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada, Stuart A. Harris

    5. Plant Species Richness and Endemism of Upper Montane Forests and Timberline Habitats in the Bolivian Andes, Michael Kessler

    6. Biotope Patterns, Phytodiversity and Forestline in the Andes, based on GIS and Remote Sensing Data, Gerald Braun, Jens Mutke, Andreas Reder and Wilhelm Barthlott

    7. Multi-Scale Patterns in Plant Species in Richness of European High Mountain Vegetation, Risto Virtanen, Thomas Dirnböck, Stegan Dullinger, Harald Pauli, Markus Staudinger and Georg Grabherr

    8. Environmental Determinants of Vascular Plant Species Richness in the Swiss Alpine Zone, Thomas Wohlgemuth

    9. Plant Diversity and Endemism in High Mountains of Central Asia, the Caucasus and Siberia Okmir Agakhanjanz and Siegmar-W. Breckle

    10. Cold Spots in the Highest Mountains of the World – Diversity Patterns and Gradients in the Flora of the Karakorum, W. Bernhard Dickoré and Georg Miehe

    11. Patterns of Plant Species Diversity in the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau in Qinghai, China, Qij Wang, Liu Jianquan and Zhao Xinquan

    12. Factors Influencing the Spatial Restriction of Vascular Plant Species in the Alpine Archipelagos of Australia, James B. Kirkpatrick

    13. Biodiversity of the Subalpine Forest-Grassland Ecotone of the Andringitra Massif, Madagascar, Urs Bloesch, Andreas Bosshard, Peter Schachenmann, Hanta Rabetaliana Schachenmann and Frank Klötzli

    14. Diversity in Primary Succession: The Chronosequence of a Glacier Foreland, Rüdiger Kaufmann and Corinna Raffl

    15. Status and Trends in Diversity of Alpine Vertebrates in the Northwestern United States, Martin G. Raphael, Michael J. Wisdom and Barbara C. Wales

    16. Biodiversity of Human Populations in Mountain Environments, Cynthia M. Beall

    Part III: Climate Changes and Mountain Biodiversity

    17. Potential Effects of Climate Change on Alpine and Nival Plants in the Alps, Michael Gottfried, Harald Pauli, Karl Reiter and Georg Grabherr

    18. Variations in Community Structure and Growth Rates of High-Andean Plants with Climactic Fluctuations, Stephan R.P. Halloy

    19. A Scenario for Mammal and Bird Diversity in the Snowy Mountains of Australia in Relation to Climate Change, Ken Green and Catherine M. Pickering

    20. Modelling and Monitoring Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change in Three North American Mountain Ranges, Daniel B. Fagre and David L. Peterson

    21. Scenarios of Plant Diversity in South African Mountain Ranges in Relation to Climate Change, David J. McDonald, Guy F. Midgley and Les Powrie

    22. Biodiversity in Mountain Medicinal Plants and Possible Impacts of Climatic Change, Aditya N. Purohit

    Part IV: Mountain Biodiversity, Land Use and Conservation

    23. Land Use and Biodiversity in Upland Pastures in Ethopia, M.A. Mohamed-Saleem and Zerihun Woldu

    24. Balancing Conservation of Biodiversity and Economic Profit in the High Venezuelan Andes: Is Fallow Agriculture an Alternative?, Lina Sarmiento, Julia K. Smith and Maximina Monasterio

    25. Conserving Mountain Biodiversity in Protected Areas, Lawrence S. Hamilton

    26. How Effective is Protected Area Management in Mountains?, Douglas Williamson

    27. National Action Plans for Mountain Biodiversity Conservation and Research, Manab Chakraborty

    Part V: Synthesis

    28. A Global Assessment of Mountain Biodiversity: Synthesis, Eva M. Spehn, Bruno Messerli and Christian Körner


    Ch. Korner, E.M. Spehn